03 December, 2010

Fabulous Friday Flowers... with Flowers by Sally Thompson.

A week or so ago a friend of mine suggested that I might like to look into a [young] florist with a lovely new business, that could be perfect for a spot on Palatial Living for 'Friday Flowers'....
So I investigated a little further and went to pay a visit to 'Blushing Blooms - Flowers by Sally Thomspon', and met the very lovely, gracious Sally Thompson amongst her water vased stems and at her signature pistachio & white stripe wall paper counter, in her boutique store one afternoon this week. Here are a number of lovely images I took of her wares & store, and was also lucky enough to have 6 Q&A  - 1on1 with Sally, take a look at the interview and more gorgeous blooms below...  

To call Sally youthful would be underestimate her 'old soul' and her projected humility & wisdom beyond her years. On the greener side of 25 years old, Sally has forged her way through a solid training background, mostly in part with a dear colleague of hers, Senior Florist Catherine Sharpe, and took the next massive step after nearly 6years of training and experience - to open her own store. For those in Sydney, the store is located in Glenhaven, part of  the green leafy 'burbs of the Hills District, Blushing Blooms [you will find at the front entrance of a leading garden & nursery centre] and offers beautiful fresh cut blooms - of all types & a careful selection of decor pieces, all at reasonable prices and with a personal service. I had the opportunity to find out a little more about the lady behind the boutique - here's 6 Q&A's  - 1 on 1 with Sally Thompson...

Owner & Floral Stylist of
Blushing Blooms - Sally Thompson
Palatial’s 6 Q&A 1 on 1 - with Sally Thompson, owner of Blushing Blooms....
1.Palatial: How did you get started in floral design, and create Blushing Blooms?
Sally. Even at school I knew that I wanted to have a career where I could be creative and work with colour and design, I was always aware that I would not be happy working behind a desk. I studied at Richmond TAFE and have completed my Certificates in Floristry and during this time I immersed myself in the industry. I began work experience and quite honestly, I fell in love. For years after this I happily worked in other florists but six months ago I knew it was my time - I wanted to begin my own journey with a boutique studio that represented me. A store that celebrated my passion, aesthetic and values - my own vision. And today, here we are! In many ways I am beginning that love affair with flowers all over again, this time as my own boss.

2. Palatial: If you could choose just one flower and one colour what they it be and why?
Sally: My favourite flower is ranunculus – they are a celebration of Spring. They are so soft and romantic; I love their vintage, feminine look. Simply, they are just pretty. My favourite colour is green, I love how clean and fresh it can look.

Sally's colourful & stylish wedding bouquets
3. Palatial: What gives you the most joy in the business? Sally: Being a florist means everyday is a joy. We share in people’s happiness every day – people who are in love, people getting married, people thanking one another, acknowledging one another and being kind to one another by gifting flowers. What gives me joy personally is seeing my clients delight at something beautiful and appreciating what we have produced for them. It’s also a joy to be able to be creative and emotionally and visually expressive everyday.

4. Palatial: Where do you find your inspiration for your floral design & creativity?
Sally: Everywhere! At Blushing Blooms our inspiration is drawn from nature. We love to celebrate colour, form and seasonality. We like to create designs that allow already beautiful products to simply sing. We follow trends from overseas in both Europe and America of course are guided by what our customers like and request – we are lucky in finding them to have a lovely taste point. In general, I take creative inspiration from art, interior design and colour.

5. Palatial: What is your favourite time of the year& why?
Sally: I love Spring. It’s my favourite time of year due to the vast abundance of so many beautiful flowers – all the blooms that I personally love are in season for example sweet peas, hydrangeas and peonies. At heart, I love the “pretty” species. The Sydney flower markets are at their best in Spring, brimming to burst with amazing blooms, smelling delicious and a riot of pastel colours.

6. Palatial: What have you got prepared for Blushing Bloom's 1st Christmas, what can clients expect to see?
Sally: We will be launching our Christmas lines on our website next week. We have designed a range that incorporates Christmas presentation bouquets, table decorations (a posy, a long buffet style and a wreath) and of course we will stock Christmas bush – so many people believe it’s a truly Australian seasonal motif. Our colour palettes will incorporate traditional reds and golds as well as an all white and silver design for something more contemporary and neutral.

For more info & contact details please visit Sally's 'Blushing Blooms' store HERE


  1. Thank you for sharing this great inspirational interview and the gorgeous photos.
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