11 May, 2012

a little greenery...

Not only did the dappled light first catch my eye but the perspective and
 finish of the bricked path and feathered grassed edging.
Just like walking through a natural cathedral....
Mr Palatial & I have been spending a fair bit of time in the garden lately - well ever since we bought our new-old home back in July really - aside once each 'mini projecty' is put to bed we have the other one ready formulated and partially saved up for! The local landscape supplier, ANL [short for Australian Native Landscapes], has gotten to know our driveway well, unloading tonnes of soil - that never really seem enough! Those of you whom have landscaped before will empathise completely!
The idea of providing seating around a tree in a courtyard makes this tree look
like a natural umbrella framing the above space over head of the seated... it makes
 it feel more intimate and cosy... the lace like leave of Japanese maples would
be perfect for this affect. Here the base of the tree trunk has been 'pleached'
[where lower branches & leaves removed'] to create a smooth effect and easy
seating space underneath the upper branches.
I love the concept of limestone or sandone dry-stone walls... Mr Palatial and I recently watched a program on how to make your own 'dry-stone' wall and yep - you guessed it that's one on the list for the front yard of our home!
We also recently found a great aborist through a good friend - we like to use personal referrals where possible - the gentlemen, Geoff & Clinton from Sydney Tree Removals, removed a 40 year tree 'stump' about 4.5-5mts tall to the centre side of our back yard. the previous and original owners. We are told by another long term neighbour - had cut the tree down some 40years ago but left the tall stump! This was now home to a massive monsteria plant also... Presumably it was expensive to cut down and didn't see the need to finish it to the ground. Well now that we have done just that it makes a huge difference to the vista and overall horizon of our back yard. We will now also have better access to the vegetable terrace [Zone 1] that we are now marking out and the stump's former position will now also be part of the place for Isabelle's cubby house that we recently just bought for a 'bargain of the century' price of $99.00 on eBay! More pics on  Isabelle's cubby transformation soon - we still need to build the brick piers for it!

BEFORE - the 40yr + Tree -Stump ready to clear

So with that I found some images that had completely inspired me with regards to finishes & looks, and created atmosphere... I adore this time of the year in Sydney - Autumn - perfect time for gardening and so much looks so good. Is there something in your garden, or courtyard, or balcony that inspires you with a green thumb? Many say that they can't garden - but there's no harm in looking & enjoying other peoples fruits of their labour too! Check out your local parks or city botanical gardens... you don't have to lift a finger there -
Just enjoy!
Partially trimmed down... by Sydney Tree Removals

AFTER - plenty of beautiful firewood ready
for the cooler evenings.

AFTER - GONE! Old Hills hoist in the centre - Post tree trunk & stump...
clear view to the rear of the yard
to the turpentine trees [the sentinels of the yard] & Japanese Maple.
Now more access and light for the remaining plants

AFTER - remnants of the trunk piled up to cut down further and to
mark out space for the vegetable terrace behind the
garage [northern-western light all day] and Isabelle's cubby house!

images via lets drift away, tumblr, pretty stuff 
via david fueller, verandah-home & garden living solutions


  1. Who needs a house when you have a garden like this? It is stunning, especially the "tree umbrella." I'm quite fond of picnics and eating outdoors, so having a space like this would be perfect.

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  3. Wow what a nice post i am so inspired here could you more share here i will be back to you as soon as possible.
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  4. Just came across your blog via NetworkedBlogs. Can't wait to see how your back yard progresses. Great to find another gardening blog in Australia too. Hope you come by and visit ours as well. Who knows maybe we can inspire you with some wrought iron?



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