31 December, 2011

Happy Palatial New Year...farewell 2011 | welcome 2012 x

Thank YOU for joining me at Palatial Living for a wonderful year during 2011...
This year [like you I am sure also] has seen some major changes in my world - swinging from one extreme to the other - some fearful, some great, some incredibly achingly painful - some stupendous I am still in disbelief.... from returning to work from a stint of maternity leave from having our little Isabelle, finding our beloved 'new' old home on the north shore from the original owners, whilst simultaneously learning to separate emotion from our [then] existing home - whilst packing house to move - and 1 week shy of a 2 week work trip to China - then loving & parting with my much adored Grandfather 'Pa' who passed away in June of this year... then in October my husband become incredibly ill after a trip overseas and spent the best part of a week in hospital, and is thankfully, still, on the recovery road.
I am very blessed and without a doubt so lucky to have good health, my daughter & husband, my great family & my dear friends in my life and without forgetting - YOU- and this wonderful avenue at Palatial Living to share my unadulterated inspirations, thoughts, and views on design, colour, living, fashion and maybe a little slice of what I consider 'Palatial Living'. The little things that are both grand & cosy - but always stylish - in and out!
All the best for a safe, fun, fabulous New Year, and for a splendidly Palatial 2012 ahead. I can't wait to share more of my loves with you!
Enjoy ,
Sarah x

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enjoying summer time...

Blood Orange Cosmopolitan - Cocktail
Ingredients - 45ml vodka |15ml Cointreau |10ml fresh lime juice
2 drops bitters| 30ml cranberry juice| 30ml 'Schweppes Agrum Collection' Blood Orange -
Or - use 2 Juiced Fresh Blood Ornageswith 30mls Tonic water

Method - Add all ingredients into a Boston glass

Add ice, shake and strain into a cocktail glass
Top with Schweppes Agrum Blood Orange

Garnish with Burnt orange zest

Couldn't think of any better ways through these delicious fresh and opalescent blood orange, strawberry, lime colours to celebrate summer [here in 'Oz'] . I have included a couple of little favourite recipes of mine... Here in Australia - we say Cheers!
Cheers to Summer!
Sarah x

Guava Margaritas

Ingredients - 1 3/4 cups freshly squeezed lime juice, plus wedges for serving
2 3/4 cups [your favourite] tequila |1 1/3 cups Grand Marnier
2 3/4 cups guava puree | Coarse salt, for rims
Directions - Stir together lime juice, tequila, Grand Marnier, and guava puree in a large pitcher;
stir to combine. Refrigerate until chilled.
                                 Just before serving, rub a cut lime around the rim of each glass. Fill a saucer with
salt, and dip each glass, upside down, into the salt. Pour margaritas into glasses, garnish with
 lime wedges, and serve immediately.

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Sunset Hues... for end 2011

 As the sun sets on the last day of 2011 - I wanted to include some of my recent fave images that encompass a little of this tan, tangerine, coral, vermilion, and burnt hue that may have the sun setting on your horizon today... as the last dusk of 2011 draws nigh.
Shamelessly I have included a few of my fave accessories in shoes [tory burch flats] and leather shopper totes.... a little silver shine too.
A paw paw orange is an accent hue that I often find myself drawn to you and use in my interior projects including my own home. It's a hue [colour] that when used correctly can make for a fabulous 'joining colour' and allows either summer or winter - depending on the tint or shade of the 'orange' to season-ise your space. It's a great alternative to Reds, Pinks and Greens....
Why not think about injecting a little into your accessories - wardrobe or home interiors!
Sarah x 

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24 December, 2011

1 Sleep To Go...

Just 1 Sleep to Go.... Can you believe it!
Are you running around like a mad-man today? Cleaning the house, or preparing to host Christmas Eve or Day, are you still present hunting, maybe wrapping - but need more sticky tape or gift paper, or are you simply trying to find enough 'clean' clothes' to pack the bags [for everyone in your family] to go away?  
Me... yes, can you tell what's on my mind, I will be probably doing all of the above [except the hosting part - phew] but will add 'preparing the gardens' to my list also! So shall I say this - whatever you're up to - it's just 1 more sleep to go, so you better not cry, you better not pout....my suggestion just pour a glass a champers & have a great time!

image via tumblr miss wallflower

Special Blue & White - Oh I Wish....

Nothing like a little blue box with a white satin ribbon peeking out from the tree - maybe two or three even - to get a heart beating a little faster, or a flutter in your stomach! Check out this stunning display for Christmas from one of the 'Tiffany & Co' accessories advertisements... Happy to break my Red| White| Silver theme this year to get one of these little blue|white ribbon-ed goodies under my tree or in my stocking on the mantle! Yep - I wish! 

images via miss wallflower, tumblr, glamourai

Fresh [slightly late] Friday Greens...

A belated Friday Flowers - turns into Friday - Weekend Greenery! If you can't get a hold of some Christmas inspired red or white flowers - some simple, fresh greenery will always look great! Arrange on your entry way table, your dining table, a mantle piece, or on your front door - smells great & welcoming too!

image via tumblr, that kind of woman

21 December, 2011

Small Spaces For Christmas Decor ~ Part II...

So with only 4 sleeps to go - if you're still stuck for some holiday decorating in Part II of my posting for Small Spaces Decorating - you may just find some great nifty quick ideas as well as getting that table decor you've been pondering over for Christmas Day! Take a look, there might be an idea just for you!
Go Small with Displays
Ornaments have tons of pop -- utilize their glitter and glow for a small-space display. Glue an ornament to a small, round plastic or glass disk. Remove the hanger and tuck in mini blooms or sprigs of berries. Group the vase ornaments on a tray for a centerpiece.

Accent Your Kitchen Windows
Open, airy windowpanes dance with color, thanks to these colorful snowflakes. Hang similar ones in a pattern or at random; add the final touch with a simple swag of greenery overhead

Use Window Space
Simplicity is key for small-space decorating. White pillar candles, placed on a silver tray, add elegance to a windowsill. Two faux dwarf evergreens, wrapped in burlap, add a bit of color to the wintry scene

Make an Impactful Wall Display
Old photos are great conversation starters, particularly at the holidays, and this display takes up only minimal wall space. Start with baby photographs; cut them in a circle, mount on foam core, and arrange in a tree shape. Little space, big impact.
Great Tip: For a great together-time activity, have family members guess who is who in each photo.
A bare-bones tree is a treat for a small corner, and choosing just one accent color is a good way to cut down on visual distractions. For the base of your tree, wrap a small box with a dish towel and fill the base of the box with stones (disguised with a layer of pearl-white ornaments) to hold in place. Add a few more wrapped boxes in a variety of papers and ribbons

images & subtext from BHG, tumblr, Country Living, House Beautiful

14 December, 2011

Just Because... it made me smile.

I came across this fun cute pic from cruch cul desac and couldn't resist posting it - for my love of the 'oodle' like our Zach, the cool pose, the fab blue shoes and great shot of model Agyness Deyn, photographed by Peter Stanglmayr - in a lovely space... it made me smile!

image via crushculdesac  - “Jours Tranquilles A Paris” Agyness Deyn par Peter Stanglmayr - Glamour FR Avril 2006 via source: voguinett, via hilariousmind

Small Spaces for Christmas Decor...

all the luck in the world - cards - via etsy
Stuck for Space at your place when it comes to Christmas decor? I know I am stuck for space at the best of times just with storage for toys, clothes, shoes manchester etc - especially in the wardrobe dept!
But believe me careful consideration is needed whether you have a lot of space or a little on the tight side of space... when it comes to festive decorating. For those of you on the leaner side of space here's some fabulous tips I found on my blog travels that I thought might come in handy for you, and for those with a lot of space but want to add to those decorations one or two of these ideas you might also love & incorporate into your holiday decorating!

Use Space by the Stairs
A small table by the stairs is a prominent small-space spot to start your Christmas merriment. Add a little, lightly decorated tree and a modest display to the tabletop. To give the evergreen a bit of height, place in a tall silver vase

Brighten a Hanging Picture

You've already decorated your home with personal pictures -- give them a holiday touch with a sprig of evergreen. No special crafting tools required

Use Wall Space
That lovely solid-color wall in your living room? The perfect home for a holiday display. Here, miniature grapevine wreaths add texture to a green wall. We chose a variety of accents -- faux birds, small ornaments, sprigs of berries -- and glued them onto the wreaths before hanging the displays from a length of ribbon

 Fabricate a Faux Tree
If you don't have space for -- or just don't want -- a real tree, you can get the same feel with this evergreen idea. Start with a wide branch; hang on a hook from the wall and decorate with treasured ornaments.

Utilize Vertical Space
If space is limited, you might not be able to hang every ornament you own on a tree, but there's no reason to keep the leftovers boxed up. Look for unexpected places -- from a chandelier, at a window, over a doorway -- to dangle a few for sparkle and cheer

Fill a Corner
Nooks, crannies, shelves, bookcases: All are great spots for diminutive seasonal decor. If there's no space for a full tree, put a single dwarf version -- with a few presents -- on a midheight shelf. In place of lights, decorate with small-scale ornaments

Decorate with Small Wreaths
Large and impactful are typical design credos for wreaths, but small can be equally as mighty. Hang a mini wreath with a velvet or satin ribbon from shelves or drawer pulls

 Hang Ornaments on Walls
Making clever use of wall space will ensure that your small-space holiday schemes have impact. To boost the seasonal spirits of small stretches of wall space, try this simple trick: Use a length of ribbon and hang ornaments that spell out a message (tie the ribbon around each to keep in place). Secure with thumbtacks and disguise the ends with a bit of evergreen

 Add a Tree in a Bathroom
Don't overlook bathrooms as places to add some merry touches. Here, a small corner offers a great spot for a potted tree decorated with cream and blue ceramic bells and glass balls

 Create a Hanging Window Display Look out on something pretty -- a basic painted frame strung with ribbon and hung with ornaments jazzes up a window and requires zero rearranging

images - subtext via tumblr, country living & bhg
top pic by all the luck in the world - etsy

13 December, 2011

a little blue...

silver & blue tree frosting 

stunning fulll head blue hydrangeas with art deco inspired draping velvet kimono
smart little blue wren

jade tiffany blues resonate through monet's blooms

a little surprise - not the standard red heads - striking blue tip matches

aged fabric covered books in soft cloud chambray

For those who have been following my posts on Palatial Living you will have come to know that I adore all shades of blue... for those of you who are new to Palatial Living - you will come across a number of spasmodic posts dedicated to my love of the hue blue and it's tints, shades, and intermixed versions of!
Here's a few images that have inspired me, create feelings of calmness, are wistful, simply uncomplicated, surprising and lovely. 
Do you have a hue - colour that promotes certain feelings or moods for you? 
Leave me a comment and share with us your fave hue!

water colour of Helena Bonham Carter - a room with a view. e.m forrester
via miss wallflower

a blue vignette - ingrid henningsson

william morris' design

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