13 December, 2011

a little blue...

silver & blue tree frosting 

stunning fulll head blue hydrangeas with art deco inspired draping velvet kimono
smart little blue wren

jade tiffany blues resonate through monet's blooms

a little surprise - not the standard red heads - striking blue tip matches

aged fabric covered books in soft cloud chambray

For those who have been following my posts on Palatial Living you will have come to know that I adore all shades of blue... for those of you who are new to Palatial Living - you will come across a number of spasmodic posts dedicated to my love of the hue blue and it's tints, shades, and intermixed versions of!
Here's a few images that have inspired me, create feelings of calmness, are wistful, simply uncomplicated, surprising and lovely. 
Do you have a hue - colour that promotes certain feelings or moods for you? 
Leave me a comment and share with us your fave hue!

water colour of Helena Bonham Carter - a room with a view. e.m forrester
via miss wallflower

a blue vignette - ingrid henningsson

william morris' design

images via matchbook mag, dust jacket attic, pretty stuff, patterson maker, miss wallflower, ys voice, the vinantiquan

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