24 December, 2011

1 Sleep To Go...

Just 1 Sleep to Go.... Can you believe it!
Are you running around like a mad-man today? Cleaning the house, or preparing to host Christmas Eve or Day, are you still present hunting, maybe wrapping - but need more sticky tape or gift paper, or are you simply trying to find enough 'clean' clothes' to pack the bags [for everyone in your family] to go away?  
Me... yes, can you tell what's on my mind, I will be probably doing all of the above [except the hosting part - phew] but will add 'preparing the gardens' to my list also! So shall I say this - whatever you're up to - it's just 1 more sleep to go, so you better not cry, you better not pout....my suggestion just pour a glass a champers & have a great time!

image via tumblr miss wallflower

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