14 June, 2012

Good Odds...

 Technically I don't believe in 'luck' as a reasonably spiritual person driven by faith it somehow conflicts with the 'bigger plan' I think someone has for me... having said that though many statisticians would then present a very good case of 'the odds'. So with that, I have a few 'things in the ether' as I like to put it and would love that the 'odd' could be in my favour through the next day or so, and if it's not too much to ask maybe next week too!
Hence why I love these images I have found... namely the quote, then these stunning Louboutin Ruby glitter pumps - a modern day 'Dorothy' slipper, and a few little sweet treats that I would prefer to find on a card table any old day!
Hope something has gone your way today or this week! Otherwise I might night those Ruby pumps to click my way home - super fast!

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05 June, 2012

Welcome to June & Creature Comforts...

Welcome to June! Welcome to Winter. Welcome all Creature Comforts.

Officials hang out til the 21st -22nd June for the Winter Solstice ... but from where I was in the New South Wales Central West town of Orange over the past several days [madly looking at home & garden stores!] it certainly felt the chill of Wintry weather! With tops of 13 &14 degrees Celsius. Whilst our happy European & North American friends will be embracing the Summer... we are now more than ever contrasted in our weather, outdoor gardening, cooking, decor & clothing styes! 
But I have to say there's something so comfortingly beautiful about the cooler months - rustic homemade food, hot coffee & chocolate, steaming baked goods, soft flannelette sheets, layers of blankets and throws for late afternoon naps - with snoozing pets on warm laps - not to mention the crackle of the first fire! Although I have to admit we started our open fire at the End of March since the cool Autumn hits us a little earlier  in the Upper North Shore. 

Winter is Cosy. Winter is Delicious. Winter is Creature Comfort.
What do you think of Winter?

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made me smile...

Just an adorable little puppy that reminded me of my Cavoodle Zach, 
and made me smile! Especially with that friendly pink tongue hanging out!
What little thing made you smile today?

image via tumblr via everly true


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