04 July, 2011

Happy 4th July to My American Friends!

Wishing my lovely American friends, especially Jen & Lauren, a very Happy 4th July Independence Day!
Hope you have an awesome summer's day on your national holiday!

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01 July, 2011

Friday Flowers...

I'm so glad to be back home after my trip overseas to Hong Kong & China mainland visiting new suppliers. It was such a full on trip but really successful. I am now looking forward to a 'normal' weekend at home!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.... I look forward to bringing you more inspiration on Palatial Living next week, especially now that I am back home!
Take care,

Cavoodles & Poodle Doodles!

As a proud Cavoodle [Cavalier King Charles x Toy Poodle] owner to lovely little Zach, my 5 year old honey coloured cavoodle... I just loved these 'Poodle Doodle' sketches found through Patterson Maker by Blonde Lasagna's gorgeous "poodle doodles."  Be sure to visit her tumblr to see more of her whimsical sketches!

images via Blonde Lasagna

Pops of Colour - Without The Paint!

Panels that Pop - See your windows in a whole new light. Window treatments provide a striking swath of color without the use of paint and create a focal point for your room. Mount curtain panels on the wall, near the ceiling, with the bottoms brushing the floor for a dramatic, colorful look. Experiment with different patterns, color combinations, and treatment styles to find which style works best with your windows
Thinking about adding some colour to your home and don't want to have to get the paint & brush out! Well here's a few little ideas I found through a few newsletters I subscribe to and though you might them too!
Some great ideas for mini projects that you could even do over the weekend!
Have Fun & Enjoy,

Mix It Up - Throw pillows are a simple way to add a splash of color and comfort to any room. Mix and match patterns and solids to create a dynamic contrast. Combining colors that are direct opposites on the color wheel intensifies their impact

Picture Perfect - Add color and flair to a lackluster wall with mirror and picture frames. For a simple project, spray-paint a collection of mismatched frames. Choose all one shade or hang a variety of hues together. Add a colorful mat to your photo frames for an extra flash of color. Combine an assortment of sizes and shapes in an arrangement that spices up your wall space

Shades of Light - Give your room personality with a colorful lampshade. A bold base can add a shapely design element, while dressing up a dull lampshade is an easy project that gives a big burst of color

Accent with Nature - Flowers are a fun way to bring color and life into a room. Fresh blossoms provide a space with color, texture, and scent. Refresh your arrangements by regularly pairing fresh blooms with shapely vases
Refresh with Vibrant Furnishings - Change a room from blah to bold by adding lively furnishings. Neutral walls serve as a background for vibrant colored chairs. But limit the number of bright furnishings to maximize the color's impact in the space

Add Personality and Pattern - Add a punch of color with a wing chair upholstered in a playful stripe. The pattern adds visual freshness and vitality to the room's décor
Color Central - Kick up the color in your room with an area rug. A large, vivid rug acts as an anchor for the room's furniture arrangement. Integrate hues with other elements in the room, such as accent pillows, furniture, or artwork

images & text via bhg.com, elle decor, house beautiful


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