27 June, 2009

Lowanna - A Palatial Paradise in Sydney...

I went for a Saturday morning snoop through some real estate and came across this amazing very palatial home set in Sydney's north west - of Glenhaven, the home's name is 'Lowanna; which is from the aboriginal meaning "a place of beauty". I though this was such a lovely name for what appears to be really a 'place of beauty'. 'Lowanna' was architected by renowned designer Heather Buttrose, this landmark home has every conceivable luxury set on a 3 acre rural estate enjoying a private location in one of the Hills district most exclusive streets bordering Glenhaven and Dural. A magnificent estate and only 25 minutes from Sydney C.B.D.

Endless Palatial features to this magnificent property include;

  • Palatial master suite with dressing room
  • Grand formal and informal entertaining rooms
  • Alfresco dining, outdoor entertaining areas with fireplace & gas BBQ
  • 25m lap pool*
  • Magnificent Macassar ebony kitchen
  • Laundry with drying room
  • 3,000 bottle wine cellar with antique Chinese doors
  • Ducted split system air conditioning
  • Under-floor heating in all bathrooms and guest WCs
  • Dumbwaiter (lift) from the garage to the kitchen
  • Hinuera volcanic stone flooring
  • Wide recycled Blackbutt floorboards are utilized throughout.
  • Games/media pavilion & billiard room and mezzanine level for the gym
  • A self contained loft-style home office pavilion
  • Self contained staff/guest accommodation
  • Security parking for twelve cars plus visitor parking

26 June, 2009

Don't Forget the Beautiful [Small] Things...

This week has been trying [to say the least - we all have them from time to time] and I nearly forgot one of my own mantras - 'to not forget the beautiful things - small as they may be' - what makes you smile, warms the heart & often softens [any] harsh judgements, and opens the way for clearer decisions & better sleep...

Image from vi.sualize.us

16 June, 2009

Nantucket Dreaming...

What more can I say - one of a few homes, the style of home, I am currently lusting after! We lived in a beautiful estate [Breakfast Point, Sydney] that was inspired by the Nantucket, Maine & New Hampshire [coastline] architecture & colours a couple of years back, and I am sure I fell in love with it then. The Shingles, weatherboards - hues of grey blue with white and bleached timbers.... hmmm Nantucket dreaming. Although technically a 'weekend-er' for owners Dee & Jimmy Haslam this home is large enough as a full time residence... where can I collect the keys!

Exert from the article from Tradtional Home...

High on a bluff overlooking a historic lighthouse in Nantucket Sound, Dee and Jimmy Haslam recharge. When they built their vacation home on Massachusetts’ Nantucket Island three years ago, the Knoxville, Tennessee, couple were not looking for an escape as much as a place to be energized and inspired.
Certainly their Labradors--Maggie, Rocky, and Tiger--love the open space around the house.

Images from Tradtional Home

12 June, 2009

Friday Flowers...Jewels Amongst Us.

The Magnolia flower [in general] is undoubtedly one of my favourites it's vivacious, full & bold yet elegant & graceful...and a Verandah H&GLS signature flower. The shades of red purple, pink & white deciduous Magnolia [tree] varieties that bloom through winter are no exception! I found this image [above] that just makes me feel like I am walking under an veiled avenue of these gorgeous winter jewels...
Hope you have a 'blooming' good weekend! S xx
For more info on Magnolia Trees visit this link

11 June, 2009

[Home] Office Organisation...

I have been rearranging some rooms in my home around an office space and stumbled across these great images that inspired me and may help you get your home office space just right!
Here [above] a linen press cupboard was transformed into a hideaway media office space. The main shelves were taken out of the cupboard leaving 2 only and a desk platform added with a keyboard return that slide back into the desk... clever! The bamboo style chair painted white is used as the desk chair and when not in use can be used as extra seating or an occasional chair in the lounge room. When you've finished working just close the doors - no need to hurriedly tidy up your ongoing work space! Ta daaa!

One of the best ways to create a cohesive and uncluttered look in a book shelf for your lounge room or home office is to arrange the book spines by colour. By doing this you create colour blocks which the eye prefers & allows you to visually gently move fluidly through the shades creating a harmonious look instead of haphazard colour dotting here there and everywhere. Another trick is to also allow for 'white space' this means space in a book shelf not used with books but an object such as a vase, or a box, or a statue - something of personal interest or memory. By creating the white space you also create an area of visual relief. See what you can do with your book shelf.... Have fun!

Images from PointClick

10 June, 2009

A Long Weekend & Bagnalls Beach...

We have just been away for a few [extra] wonderful days over the June long weekend [Queen's Birthday] we took off from Sydney earlier on Friday morning - to a wonderful beach side area, Port Stephens in New South Wales.
We love coming here both in summer & winter - either way there's something great to do & superb weather & particularly love to head off to Bagnall's Beach - where we stay near by - this beach is the puppy beach! [Friendly] dogs of all kinds can canter, run, roll & play on the sand and swim through the shallows - all leash free! For a 'mother' of two - a 3 1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles - Lucy, who treats this as her almost quarterly exfoliation - rolling through everything sandy then having some 'hydrotherapy' in the shallows this is perfect - as it is also for our nearly 3 years Cavoodle (Cavalier x Toy Poodle) - Zach, who's role in life, whilst we are away, is to be the welcoming committee to Bagnall's Beach - and greet all that pass his way with a quick wag of his tail, and a happy but wet lick of your leg!
So with that thought I would share a few photos from our extended weekend away....

Above - the view to Soldiers Point

Above - view from the beach home
Above - A little original late 60's/ Early 70's beach front home I fell in love with a while ago...

Above - the time of their lives... Lucy & Zach on Bagnall's Beach.

04 June, 2009

Modern Vintage Seaside Dreaming...

The return to vintage seaside living in a modern world has never been more apparent & succesfully accomplished than in this seaside home in the States, that I came across in one of my fave O.S U.S Mags - in an article from Country Living.

Where unexpected pops of vintage retro colour in a modern background add a je ne se quois that just seem to work in an nautical theme. Muddy Sea Foam Aqua Blues, with Tomato Red, Driftwood Grey Blue and Chalk White - just seem to work!

Images from Country Living

03 June, 2009

I Love Lamp!

I love lamps, in fact all the rooms in my home have at least 2 - 4 lamps in them!! Lamps can provide both functional and ambient lighting - so much more than just an over head light. Like a hanging Pendant light, a lamp can have so much of it's own unique character from its base to its shade...

So I am on the hunt for some lamps maybe 1 or 2 for my living / dining room and 2 for my bedroom - with the new bed I am trying to find or might end up having made... I particularly love 2 lamps from of my favourite stores - Architectural Decor & Elements and these lamps [above] by Barbara Cosgrove of whom I found out about from Anne E. Collins the Executive Editor, Point Click Home on her blog on lighting.

Images from Elle Decor & Barbara Cosgrove Lamps

02 June, 2009

Garden Shed Love

If you weren't already lusting after having an outdoor potting garden shed or studio space that you can call your own - you will now! How much do you want a garden shed now... I want this garden shed!

Above - image of Heather Cameron - the lucky owner & inhabitant

I have seen this article & images through Country Living as well as on Le Monde Material blog & also through Belle Maison ... An exert from the article -
As a wedding gift, Heather Cameron's husband, Kevin, took apart a neglected potting shed on their property and rebuilt it into a greenhouse with a tempered-glass roof. "I watched the whole process, but loved that I didn't have to do a thing," says Heather. "Kevin built exactly what I had envisioned."
Then Heather set about furnishing her newly fashioned getaway with vintage-floral pillows, white-painted furniture, and collections of mint green jadeite and milk glass vases, all culled from Colleen Sawatsky of Vintage Home, a nearby business that reinvents cast-off furniture and home accessories.
"I never had time to use the shed for its original purpose as a place to pot plants," recalls Heather. "I like it much more now as somewhere to escape to and curl up with a book, paint, or visit with friends."
What an amazing wedding gift - definitely beats a set of champagne stems! But needless to say if you have the space and a tired old garden shed that you could transform with a little elbow grease from the inspiration here - I dare say there's no limit to creating an outdoor sanctuary in a small shed that is just about you - unique & wonderful! I just need more yard now!
Images from Country Living

01 June, 2009

Seaside - Nantucket House II...

Fog over the water... The owner's boat that inspired the vintage seaside theme throughout the home.

The original design drawing of the owner's boat inspired their interior designer for the mood and treatment of the home.
On the deck... A perfect place for a cup of tea or a glass of wine - very versatile.

Somewhere to sit and pop your shoes on, or somewhere to have a quiet read, I love the petunias in the window box a great way to make a small corner pop with unexpected colour and freshness.
Small wicker baskets house glass vases for freshly picked posies perched to greet the window sill.
Images from Country Living

Modern Vintage Seaside in a Nantucket House...

Want a nautical theme without the usual beach kitsch... Well here's a modern vintage seaside themed home that echoes the style of their beautiful timber boat.
Gorgeous climbing white roses over the weathered timber shingle facade make for simple romance and easy care gardening on this seaside home in Nantucket.

Vintage oil paintings of tall ships and upholstery & cushions in a soft ticking stripe set the scene.

Fresh & Light - Seaside Bright. Painted blue floors, with white built in window seats - finished in the style of furniture found on the owner's boat.

A different approach to the seaside using nautical & sailing influences in the guest bathroom - decorated with vintage Nautical flags, hand towels embroidered with 5 point stars, a white bath towel with a blue print of a scaled up fish, an oil painting of a ship - against a back drop of painted white timber panelling.
The timber furniture stain through the living room was matched back to the owner's timber boat.

Images from Country Living.


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