02 June, 2009

Garden Shed Love

If you weren't already lusting after having an outdoor potting garden shed or studio space that you can call your own - you will now! How much do you want a garden shed now... I want this garden shed!

Above - image of Heather Cameron - the lucky owner & inhabitant

I have seen this article & images through Country Living as well as on Le Monde Material blog & also through Belle Maison ... An exert from the article -
As a wedding gift, Heather Cameron's husband, Kevin, took apart a neglected potting shed on their property and rebuilt it into a greenhouse with a tempered-glass roof. "I watched the whole process, but loved that I didn't have to do a thing," says Heather. "Kevin built exactly what I had envisioned."
Then Heather set about furnishing her newly fashioned getaway with vintage-floral pillows, white-painted furniture, and collections of mint green jadeite and milk glass vases, all culled from Colleen Sawatsky of Vintage Home, a nearby business that reinvents cast-off furniture and home accessories.
"I never had time to use the shed for its original purpose as a place to pot plants," recalls Heather. "I like it much more now as somewhere to escape to and curl up with a book, paint, or visit with friends."
What an amazing wedding gift - definitely beats a set of champagne stems! But needless to say if you have the space and a tired old garden shed that you could transform with a little elbow grease from the inspiration here - I dare say there's no limit to creating an outdoor sanctuary in a small shed that is just about you - unique & wonderful! I just need more yard now!
Images from Country Living

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