25 December, 2010

Santa Has Visited!

Just a quick post - to share with you the finished & full Santa Sack that I made for our little girl, Isabelle. She turned 8months this week and it's been fun & games with learning how to rip the wrapping paper from presents...
I finalised attaching a few of the rosettes this afternoon, and threading through the polka dot ribbon draw cord, all just in time for someone's very 1st Christmas! Well now the presents have been placed, the stockings are now full and the Santa Sack to the brim! [Like all parents around the world at this time on Christmas Eve/ Morn] I must put myself to bed before the excitement begins in a short while...
Here's to you & your very Happy Christmas... Take Care & Enjoy,

24 December, 2010

Festive Flowers...

A last Friday Flowers for a little while - as I ajourn for a little break away...  Here are some lovely festive blooms to hopefully keep you going! Enjoy,

image via my home ideas

Wishing You A Very Happy Christmas!

A Huge Thank You to following and visiting me here at Palatial Living this year. Your kind comments and words of support & encouragement help me to realise that I am helping to inspire someone 'out there'! I really do appreciate you, and it's you that continue to inspire me to keep Palatial Living become more Palatial [if that's possible!]. I am off on holiday with my darling husband and gorgeous baby girl for a couple of weeks up in Far North Queensland... I will be sure to keep my eye out for all things Palatial when I am away to share with you on my return...
Wishing you & your families and friends a very Happy & Safe Christmas time... I can't wait to see you in the New Year - 2011! Take care & Enjoy your Palatial Living,

Just Because...

I just love this combination of blue & red for festive decor, so fresh and still quite pretty - just becasue... I like them!

Stars & Presents...

Detail of the Little Present Box applique for all  of
Isabelle's girlfriends!

Little Present boxes for the Girls...

Little Presents...

A 5 Point Star - Red/ White Gingham perfect for Christmas Time!

Boys' 5 Point Stars
All wrapped up for Isabelle's friends...

My terribly gorgeous model... Miss Isabelle.

You may have noticed that  I have been a little 'handy' lately with my sewing efforts...well not only is it a great way to creatively express yourself, there's a certain something that comes with giving a present that you have part or whole made yourself. Some of my friends and clients have been tuning into a show called 'Kirstie's Homemade Christmas' where many, if not all projects are hand made or bespoke by a local craft artist.
Well I certainly don't mean that these little gifts I came up with for all of Isabelle's friends from our Mother's Group are completely bespoke but there are hand embellished and made with love.... For each of the little one an special applique Christmas inspired top they can wear leading up to or on Christmas day. For the boys - a 5 point red & white gingham applique star a little tacking embroidery and for the little ladies - a gift box with red satin ribbon and red felt bows tacked with white contrast stitching. They all seemed to be a hit, thank goodness!

23 December, 2010

Made with Love...A Santa Sack

I have a few pics of the work I have done on Isabelle's Santa Sack... so far!
We're getting there, today I have sewn the 'bodies' together & a little more free-machine embroidery in Scarlet red on the script name not shown in these pics]. Time's a ticking so I had better finish sewing a few more rosettes onto the front so Santa can pop some much deserved presents in the sack!

22 December, 2010

home love...

 I Love my Home... Do you?
Or do you need me to help you love it more?
Visit my website to find out how I can help you, fall in love
all over again with your home!

image via visualize.us

Loving Pale Blue & White Festive Decor...

Just a few of my favourite pale blue & white Christmas [inspired] images that I have been collecting lately that I wanted to share with you.
Can you tell that I love this theme too... Maybe for next year? Enjoy,

images via homelife.com.au Australian Country Style; my home ideas, elle decor, coastal living & country living.

21 December, 2010

Thanks Blushing Blooms!

Just a note of Thanks to the lovely Sally Thompson, of Blushing Blooms - Flowers by Sally Thompson, for posting my blog interview on her lovely store & mentioning my website on her Blushing Blooms website & blog... you can see it HERE.
Thanks again Sally!

Natural Print Christmas Lines...

Loving these natural neutral light tones teamed with strong black lines, be it in the newspaper used as wrapping paper, or the black lettering used on the natural coloured tag ornaments, or the painted black dining table & chairs, or the striking staircase with a  fabulous wall cluster of perfect black frames... Each of these contrasting tones comes across in perfect balance & harmony, because the strongest hue is not overpowering the lightness of the other tones. Making it just spohisticated-ly simple!

images via elle decor, coastal living, & traditional home.

The 'Bespoke' Verity Stockings...

The stocking I made & embellished for Isabelle should take her from
 being a Baby, to a little girl, & to a big girl. Hopefully it's something
she can treasure and use always.

I have had a number of friends ask me 'When are you posting pics of your stockings!'... Well here they are!
This year I decided to make our own Christmas Stockings for each of us - especially now that we are a family of three! Each one I have personalised & adorned with rosettes, buttons - from my mass of button collecting, some hessian, different ribbons that I have collected and names by free-machine embroidery. I have nearly finalised the embleshiment for Isabelle's Santa Sack - so stay tuned... I promise to post pics!

My stocking - embellished with French raw silk in 'oyster', with
small bird shell buttons & silver, mother of pearl buttons from
my button collection teamed withstriped grosgrain ribbon
& cherry red Bullion fringing; heeled by a little hessian with a
red satin rosette.

I was conscious to keep my husband, Matthew's, stocking somewhat
 masculine in the scheme of embellishment. The use of Wedgwood ticking
 stripe with reds, taupes and creams helps this, as does using a contrasting plain
gingham ribbon with  'plainer' buttons in the shape of a Christmas tree.
Using a plain taupe coloured small rosette as the 'star' was one way of getting
around itlooking potentially too feminine. Adding the hessian
[burlap] for the toe & heel helps it also to look like a 'boy's' sock!

Our Wall Mantle! One day we'll have the jetmaster fire & mantle
 I have always wished for [& designed]!

At the time -[Saturday when I took these pics] -
 it was 8 days to go!


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