02 January, 2008

Eco Fires - Environmentally Friendly & Style Savvy

These eco fires are so exicitng for those who want the warmth and look of a fire but without the environmental cost of wood/logs and smoke, and for those who don't have an external wall to fit a flue.
Perfect for townhouses and apartments.

It is this product that we are looking at putting into a recessed area in our home - but does not have an external wall! How exciting... I find that looking at a fire is as mesmerising as watching the ocean... a view that is not alway attainable, but this eco fire is.

The 'Igloo' Eco Fire.

The Eco Fire is flue less and does not require any installation or utility connection for fuel supply, which makes it ideal for just about any architectural environment. Fuelled by a renewable modern energy (Denatured Ethanol), it burns clean and is virtually maintenance free.

Stockists of Eco fires can be found around Sydney at home interior stores.

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  1. Beautiful fireplace, I've been wondering glass usually crack when it is hot.



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