31 August, 2009

Lake House Love...

Back view of the lakeside cottage
Simple stylish lake themed decor - the name sake plate.
Open & Light Living Room - floors have been stripped, sanded & polished.
Cosy sunlit corner - nautical neutrals give the lake house some classic youth

Making use of the large picture windows that seem to almost wrap around the living area - enveloped in light.
Enough room for the whole family - welcoming large dining table are relaxed with director chair slip covers & painted white end chairs, with a bright functional kitchen.

Light Neutral colour schemes in the bedrooms suit everyone & are easy to keep clean & up to date.

Wall colour similar to this is Dulux - 'Linseed', one of my favourite neutrals to use in any strength.

The Lake at Dusk...
Rather than my regular Real Estate Snoop - I went through looking for holiday homes recently to see what we could find to lease over the New Year summer holidays, and came across this gorgeous lake side cottage at Lake Conjola, on the South Coast of New South Wales...
Although not for sale it's a little lake house that I would be most happy to [try] to own!
Images from Stayz

28 August, 2009

Happy 'Spr-inter' Weekend!

I love this summery weather we're having at the moment - although Iove It's true it feels like 'Spr-inter' [Spring + Winter] all around, and with high temperatures throughout the globe London, Rome, Paris, Munich, LA, Seattle, & New York all averaging high 20's to mid 30's - everyone is feeling rather warm! Here it feels like the early death knell for Winter and a Big Hello to Spring...
The summery weather does feel so good, with garden buds showing, deciduous trees awakening with new leaves, and lawns needing to be mown more often, not to mention the start of beautiful sailing & swimming weather!
So here's to your 'Spr-inter' weekend! Enjoy xxx S.
Image by Amanda Pratt

Friday Flowers for Daffodil Day...

Today is Daffodil day in New South Wales [Australia] this is a day where we have the [public] opportunity to donate our money & time to the Cancer Council. One in Two people are affected by cancer in some way. My Uncle Tony - a favourite Uncle, a beloved Husband to my Aunt, Father to my Cousin, Son and Brother to my mum & aunty, and a great Friend - passed away last year from cancer.
If you have a mother, father, sister, brother or best friend, there’s every chance your life will be touched by cancer. No matter who you are, Daffodil Day is for you. This year Daffodil Day is Friday 28th of August. It’s a day for all of us to give hope for a brighter, cancer-free future for ourselves, and for those we love. Daffodil Day merchandise has been on sale throughout August, and you can donate to Daffodil Day at anytime.

Daffodil Day was first held by the Canadian Cancer Society in the early 1980s, and by the NSW Cancer Council in 1986. Established as an Australia-wide event in 1992, Daffodil Day has become the largest fundraising event of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Cancer Council now raises around $8 million each Daffodil Day, providing vital funds for research, education and support services.
If you'd like to get involved with Daffodil Day for next year 2010 or to Order merchandise boxes and fresh daffodils to sell to family, friends and colleagues, volunteer to help on one of our Daffodil Day stalls, or donate to Daffodil Day. Your support will help us maintain the hope the daffodil symbolises to the thousands of cancer patients diagnosed each year. Become part of the biggest event of its kind, please contact the Cancer Council

27 August, 2009

Sad Day... 'Southern Accents' is Closing it's Doors

Quite a Sad day... another great interior mag, [U.S] Southern Accents, is closing it's doors....after 32 years. I just really love this magazine because the South [in the US] can be so similar to how we live in Australia - combining inside & out, showing us so many with beautiful home tours, and fabulous ideas for the simplest changes. Thank you Southern Accents, to your wonderful editorial team for all your fabulous inspiration, beautiful articles & images through out the years - we will miss you ever so much....

A Note from Editor in Chief Karon Carroll
As many of you may have heard by now, Southern Accents is closing and the September-October issue will be our last. For the past 32 years, it has been our great privilege to work with so many talented, creative people to showcase beautiful houses and gardens, and to be a champion of the gracious lifestyle of this wonderful region we call home. We deeply appreciate the loyalty and support that our readers–both of the magazine and our blog–have shown us. You are the reason it has been such a joy to be a part of this industry and we appreciate you more than we can say.
2009 Southern Accents & ASID Design Contest. Dear designer, Many thanks for your interest in the National Residential Interior Design Contest. As you may have heard, our parent company has recently announced the closing of Southern Accents and thus we regret that we will be unable to conduct the awards.
We have deeply valued our relationship with ASID and we appreciate your support of the awards. Best wishes for continued success.
Sincerely, Karen Carroll

25 August, 2009

Blue & White Love... Again!

Simple coffee table vignette of hydrangeas, books, & candle sticks. Small print details paired with solid plains & cable textures against a crisp white back drop.

Solid Plains, Floral Prints & Bold Stripes
Plains, with smaller prints & natural textures

I found these gorgeous images from the recent County Living mag - I know I keep coming back to Blue & White, [like Black & White combination] it makes such a clean fresh statement and can be paired back with so many other colours and prints, it really makes for any season and any room...
Images from Country Living

24 August, 2009

Trend | Fun with Wall Decals

Decals or Wall Stickers... some of us are familiar with them from our childhood - maybe a 'Holly Hobby' or 'Raggedy Ann', or a 'Sesame Street' character, or for the boys a 'Star Wars Enterprise ship' placed near a growth chart! Well it would seem that they have come long way from then, and not just restricted to children's bedrooms! More recently there has been an upward trend towards using decals through out main living areas, [home] offices and bedrooms - the design & quality now are far more sophisticated than we remember and technological advance in materials allows the wall sticker to come off without taking off half the wall with you! The contemporary wall stickers now fashion themselves more on Wall Art than just an animated design...
Take a look there may be something that might change how you look at your walls....
Above. Quote decal in a living space above a lounge creates a beautiful thinking space. Image from vi.sualize.us
Above. Living Room feature wall with decals creates a striking dining space. Image from Roxx.on.com
Above. Blown dandelion decal used in a bedroom makes for a wistful approach. Design Shrine

Above. Glamming up a plain bed with a designer Head board decal Wall Glamour through Apartment Therapy
Above. When you don't have any fresh flowers... Image from Create H: Interior Design

Above. One of my favourite poster typography quotes makes for a fun contemporary living space.image from Flickr

A little bit of meaning.... Decal - A decal (pronounced /ˈdiːkæl, ˈdiːkəl, ˈdɛːkl/) or transfer is a plastic, cloth paper or ceramic substrate that has printed on it a pattern that can be moved to another surface upon contact, usually with the aid of heat or water. The word is short for "decalcomania." The word Decalcomania is derived from the French word "decalquer," and was coined by Simon François Ravenet about 1750. The "mania" was added during the Decal craze of the late 1800s.
Different variations of decals include: "water-slide" or "water-dip"; and vinyl "peel-and-stick". A water-slide (or water-dip) decal is a type of decal that must first be dipped in water prior to its application
[1]. Upon contact with water, the glue is loosened and the decal can be removed from its backing. A vinyl "peel-and-stick" decal is a petroleum based decal that transfers upon peeling off the decal from its base.
For more Decal Wall Sticker ideas & images why not try [Australia] Stencil Gallery ; Wall Sticker Company; Cool Art Vinyl, Wall Allure or [U.K] Wall Glamour; or [U.S] Dali Decals

Happy Birthday To You....xxx

Wishing my Best Friend & Darling Husband, Matthew - a Very Happy Birthday today....
Thank you for being wonderful....
Love You Always. xxx S

Image from vi.sualize.us & flickr

23 August, 2009

Thank You!

Just a note of sincere Thanks & Appreciation to Lee Tran Lam - deputy chief sub-editor of Australia's gorgeously stylish Inside Out magazine - for your kind comments & words of encouragement for my recent post ' Once More with Feeling... Shannon's Way', on Shannon Fricke's editorial styling & article in the September '09 Issue 81 of 'Inside Out' magazine ...
Thank You for adding me to Inside Out's blog roll I am very honoured!

Image & Card from Two Poodle Press on Etsy

21 August, 2009

Happy Friday... Enjoy the View.

I can't believe it that time again - Friday & the Weekend on the Horizon....
It's been a wonderful week with finding several of my favourite design personalities in September/ October issues of some of my favourite interior mags! Thank you so much for stopping by at Palatial Living & all your encouraging thoughts & words this week , I often think that I am alone with my thoughts & posts until I receive your kind comments. Thanks again!
So here's to your weekend - I hope you enjoy the view - wherever you are! Take care, xx S
Image from House Beautiful

20 August, 2009

How To - Give a Chair a Stylish Make-Over...

I came across a great article that may help take the pain out of trying to give some fave chairs that you have at home or found on eBay, roadside finds from council clean ups, or at a thrift store - that much needed face lift - bringing them into a new updated stylish 2nd life that reflects you & your decor!
Above - Chair Before Makeover BEFORE:
SOURCE:Country Living Style Director Nicole Esposito Polly discovered four Queen Anne-style chairs on eBay.
POTENTIAL: Nicole saw great possibilities in the chairs -- looking past the stolid style and pleather seats. Quality was key: They were made by Harden, a top manufacturer; the legs were sturdy; there were few nicks in the frame; and the original seat cushion was intact.
PURPOSE: Nicole intends to use the four chairs in her dining room. She can also pull one into the living room to serve as an accent piece. What Is It Worth?:
EBAY FINDS: Nicole purchased four Queen Anne Harden chairs on eBay for about USD$400. Appraisal value for each ranges from USD$150 to USD$250; a full set increases the value. photo credit: Lara Robby/Studio D.
1. FABRIC & PAINT Felicia in Espresso, US$28/1 yard [0.9144 metres] on the seat pairs with Krylon's Atlantic Almond US$5.00, or [Australia] White Knight 'Squirts' Spray Paint AUD$10-15.00, on the frame for a sophisticated effect. 2. MONOGRAM This easy rub-on transfer in Flemish Script adds a lot of personal style with little effort, US$10/ AUD$15-20. 3. TRIM Color-coordinating dressmaker details such as ball fringe add dimension and texture, USD$10/1 1/2 yards {1.371 metres} AUD$10-20.00/ metre. Trim can be easily adhered with a hot-glue gun. photo credit: Lara Robby/Studio D

Tools to Makeover a Chair WHAT YOU'LL NEED:(clockwise from top left)1. Hitachi Narrow Crown Pneumatic Stapler to upholster seat cushions. 2. Light-grade sandpaper to prep for painting. 3. Stanley hot-glue gun to adhere trim. 4. Gloves to wear while painting. 5. Goggles to protect eyes during upholstering. 6. Krylon H2O Spray Paint in Atlantic Almond/ for Australia use White Knight Spray 'Squirts' Paint for chairs. 7. Screwdriver for removing seats. 8. Scissors for cutting fabric.

Above - Green and Black Pneumatic Stapler
TIPS & TOOLS: Lightweight and easy to grip, Hitachi's Narrow Crown Pneumatic Stapler makes upholstering simple and fast. SOURCES: Chairebay.com Spray Paint Krylon H2O latex gloss, krylon

Partially Fabric Covered Chair - As long as a piece of furniture is well made, you can revitalize it with paint, a pretty fabric, and dressmaker details -- in this case, about US$53 per chair! "Don't be afraid to change the style," says Nicole, as she did with the four c. 1980 Queen Anne-style chairs she got on eBay. Nicole lightened the mahogany finish with an almond-hued spray paint and covered the pleather seat cushions with a blue-and-espresso damask for a refreshingly elegant color combination. Ball fringe trim and a monogram complete the makeover.
Fully Made Over Chair
PAINTA light color, Krylon's H2O Atlantic Almond or [Australia] White Knight's 'Squirts' Spray Paint in a gloss, was spray-painted on the dark wood for a youthful effect. To ensure a long-lasting paint job, smooth surface imperfections with light-grade sandpaper and prime before applying two coats of paint. Set aside your finished chairs for a few days before using to ensure they are dry. photo credit: Lara Robby/Studio D

Voila! Updated, Stylish - Re purposed & Budget Friendly!

Article & Images from Country Living

18 August, 2009

Editorial-a-rama... H&G Advice with Cherie Karlsson

I can't tell you how bowled over I am this month with all my favourite interior mags and their dedicated editorial pieces to interior designers, stylist & colour professionals of whom I watch very closely and adore... and this is no exception! In this month's [September 09] issue of Australian House & Garden magazine my colour & design educator, twice over, from ISCD and not to mention mentor and inspiration for professional work life balance - Cherie Karlsson - is a contributor in the H&G Advice section, page 232, offering assistance on '3 Ways To - Paint it White'.... and for someone that knows her grey scale and how to teach it like each line on the back of her hand, then ways to paint White could not have been a better area for Cherie to comment upon. Understanding White and all it's shades & properties would have to be one of the most fundamental underpinnings of understanding colour & light.
You might be able to tell that I regard Cherie in very high esteem - she is incredibly accomplished in both professional [a business women, contributor and an
ISCD educator] and family life [with husband & four children - still all at school], but most of all - it is with her wisdom that she imparts her life & work experience with a serene, humble & confident approach - with such generous vigor, who is ever so patient & an amazing communicator to all levels of understanding, and someone that will always have a profound effect on my [colour design] life...
So here's to seeing more of Cherie's contributions to H&G in the future! Happy Painting...

For more information on courses at ISCD please visit their web site, or get in touch with news at the school & in the colour design community with their blog.Images & artcle from Australian House & Garden Issue September 2009.

17 August, 2009

Just Keeps Getting Better... Anna, Wow!

Wow... now two Mondays in a row and I have been treated to not only getting my interior magazines in the post but also another 'absolutely' favourite stylist & designer - Anna Spiro - in a rather fabulous editorial spread with none other than the style bible 'Australian Vogue Living'!! I was so surprised when I tore open the plastic sachet and the pages opened to a room with a black & white striped awning with a lolly pink cane lounge coupled with the eclectic patterned cushions... my first thought was - gosh I know that awning it's so familiar! And yes it was familiar - because it belongs to the house I seem to know so well by following all the blog posts by Anna Spiro on her blog 'absolutely beautiful things', both of whom are very close to my inspirational heart...
Some of you may not know this but after reading a brief write up in Real Living magazine some 2 years ago about Anna and her blog - she inspired me to find out more about blogging, how to get into it and naturally was hooked on her blog and her daily work as an interior designer & her chronicled inspirations in her world, in Brisbane. From this - like so many - I have continued to check in to Anna's blog to see what's new in her store or home, or family and am always inspired or more learned for it.
I adore Anna's sense of colour & style and most of all her appreciation of art, and for the pieces from a past era that can so readily be adopted into modern life with a deft stylish hand! So from me [and I'm sure everyone who's a fan] it's a HUGE congratulations to Anna {her family & team} for how wonderful her beautifully renovated home looks in the shiny new pages of this months Vogue Living issue September / October 2009.

"Having grown up with mass-produced decor like everyone else my age," she says, "I am pushing for people to challenge themselves and embrace something bold". Here, Here - well spoken Anna there would be so many who would second you on that, I move the motion....

Hope you enjoy these images from Vogue Living, many will recognise Anna's study with it's pink & white Kelly Wearstler wallpaper from Anna's profile pic, tres belle....

Images from Australian - Vogue Living issue September / October 2009.

14 August, 2009

Happy Weekend... helping move & organise over 50 years of Living

I'm spending a good part of the weekend helping to organise & style my lovely Grandmother-in-law, Elaine's home & garden to get ready for sale & for the estate agents to organise viewings... Elaine has loved in her home for over 50 years now so there will be a lot to do and lot connected with sentimental moments with this house - her home. The good news is that she has found a lovely new home that is both smaller & much more manageable with a 2 bedroom villa in a fantastic village that will service all her needs for many more years to come...
Have you recently helped someone right-size and move home ?
Happy Weekend - Enjoy! S x

Image from BHG

12 August, 2009

Once More With Feeling... Shannon's way.

I just got my new issue of 'Inside Out' in the post on Monday & came across the lovely Shannon Fricke and her new magazine spread... I have long been an admirer of Shannon's work and hope to one day be able to be involved in as much as she has and does through colour, design & style. Here in this wonderful editorial piece we see Shannon's innate sens of colour through the rooms she has created for her friends.... dashed with her signature peacock blue, chartreuse green, canvased with white and swathed with sublime cool style. I'm sure you'll love these images as much as I do -

Shannon was approached by her good friends Olivia and Adam last year, to help them re-design and decorate their home in the hinterland of Byron Bay. The couple had lost their [decorating style] way a little after the birth of their two sons and wanted Shannon's help - who wouldn't!! Shannon's job was to create a style and a palette that reflected who they are and how they want to live - whilst being her friends who are also creative - a great challenge for us all... for more on the article and details please visit Shannon's blog , and be sure to to grab yourself a copy of 'Inside Out' magazine Issue81 September-October 2009 - out in now.

Images from Inside Out magazine Issue 81 September-October 2009

11 August, 2009

[New] Book - Handmade Home... Soule Mama

I have just received an email from my Amazon wish list recommendations and this wonderful book - Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule -was part of the list! What a lovely surprise to find a book that stylishly shows you how you can re-purpose - recycle - reuse items within your home into other functional aesthetically pleasing items that are fabulous for adults and safe for children... after finding this book and looking a little more into it I further delved and 'googled' about the author - Amanda Blake Soule and found that she has an amazing blog Soule Mama that inspires a following [of course] of creatives of a green influence, a mother influence and a design influence - and some fall into all 3 groups!
I found a wonderfully concise blurb about Amanda & her published jewels, written up on the gorgeous blog Inspiring Mama - by Ericka Taylor (check her out also on JuBella.com - beautiful work) -
Amanda lives in Portland, Maine with her husband Steve and their four children. At her exceedingly popular blog, soulemama.com, Amanda shares details of her daily life as a homeschooling mama intermixed with a range of creative projects that include knitting, sewing, cooking, re purposing fabrics, and much more. Of course, add in her stunning photography and engaging writing style and you'll know why her site has such a devoted and admiring fan base. And that's not all . . . Amidst all of that productive activity, Amanda also managed to write not one, but two fabulous books: The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections (Trumpeter Books/Shambhala Publications, April 2008) and Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Re purpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures - which is release now August 2009.

I feel compelled to thank Amanda, for her beautiful book Handmade Home [& Erika for her book review] for which I have now pre-ordered on Amazon [it is due out August 09 - maybe towards the end of August] and further inspiring me to look around my home - in my wardrobe and sewing cabinet to make stylish beautiful things for living and the little ones [esp. my god daughter's Ella & Charlotte] in my life. Thank you so much Soule Mama [aka Amanda] !

Images from Amazon.com


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