28 August, 2009

Friday Flowers for Daffodil Day...

Today is Daffodil day in New South Wales [Australia] this is a day where we have the [public] opportunity to donate our money & time to the Cancer Council. One in Two people are affected by cancer in some way. My Uncle Tony - a favourite Uncle, a beloved Husband to my Aunt, Father to my Cousin, Son and Brother to my mum & aunty, and a great Friend - passed away last year from cancer.
If you have a mother, father, sister, brother or best friend, there’s every chance your life will be touched by cancer. No matter who you are, Daffodil Day is for you. This year Daffodil Day is Friday 28th of August. It’s a day for all of us to give hope for a brighter, cancer-free future for ourselves, and for those we love. Daffodil Day merchandise has been on sale throughout August, and you can donate to Daffodil Day at anytime.

Daffodil Day was first held by the Canadian Cancer Society in the early 1980s, and by the NSW Cancer Council in 1986. Established as an Australia-wide event in 1992, Daffodil Day has become the largest fundraising event of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Cancer Council now raises around $8 million each Daffodil Day, providing vital funds for research, education and support services.
If you'd like to get involved with Daffodil Day for next year 2010 or to Order merchandise boxes and fresh daffodils to sell to family, friends and colleagues, volunteer to help on one of our Daffodil Day stalls, or donate to Daffodil Day. Your support will help us maintain the hope the daffodil symbolises to the thousands of cancer patients diagnosed each year. Become part of the biggest event of its kind, please contact the Cancer Council

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