20 August, 2009

How To - Give a Chair a Stylish Make-Over...

I came across a great article that may help take the pain out of trying to give some fave chairs that you have at home or found on eBay, roadside finds from council clean ups, or at a thrift store - that much needed face lift - bringing them into a new updated stylish 2nd life that reflects you & your decor!
Above - Chair Before Makeover BEFORE:
SOURCE:Country Living Style Director Nicole Esposito Polly discovered four Queen Anne-style chairs on eBay.
POTENTIAL: Nicole saw great possibilities in the chairs -- looking past the stolid style and pleather seats. Quality was key: They were made by Harden, a top manufacturer; the legs were sturdy; there were few nicks in the frame; and the original seat cushion was intact.
PURPOSE: Nicole intends to use the four chairs in her dining room. She can also pull one into the living room to serve as an accent piece. What Is It Worth?:
EBAY FINDS: Nicole purchased four Queen Anne Harden chairs on eBay for about USD$400. Appraisal value for each ranges from USD$150 to USD$250; a full set increases the value. photo credit: Lara Robby/Studio D.
1. FABRIC & PAINT Felicia in Espresso, US$28/1 yard [0.9144 metres] on the seat pairs with Krylon's Atlantic Almond US$5.00, or [Australia] White Knight 'Squirts' Spray Paint AUD$10-15.00, on the frame for a sophisticated effect. 2. MONOGRAM This easy rub-on transfer in Flemish Script adds a lot of personal style with little effort, US$10/ AUD$15-20. 3. TRIM Color-coordinating dressmaker details such as ball fringe add dimension and texture, USD$10/1 1/2 yards {1.371 metres} AUD$10-20.00/ metre. Trim can be easily adhered with a hot-glue gun. photo credit: Lara Robby/Studio D

Tools to Makeover a Chair WHAT YOU'LL NEED:(clockwise from top left)1. Hitachi Narrow Crown Pneumatic Stapler to upholster seat cushions. 2. Light-grade sandpaper to prep for painting. 3. Stanley hot-glue gun to adhere trim. 4. Gloves to wear while painting. 5. Goggles to protect eyes during upholstering. 6. Krylon H2O Spray Paint in Atlantic Almond/ for Australia use White Knight Spray 'Squirts' Paint for chairs. 7. Screwdriver for removing seats. 8. Scissors for cutting fabric.

Above - Green and Black Pneumatic Stapler
TIPS & TOOLS: Lightweight and easy to grip, Hitachi's Narrow Crown Pneumatic Stapler makes upholstering simple and fast. SOURCES: Chairebay.com Spray Paint Krylon H2O latex gloss, krylon

Partially Fabric Covered Chair - As long as a piece of furniture is well made, you can revitalize it with paint, a pretty fabric, and dressmaker details -- in this case, about US$53 per chair! "Don't be afraid to change the style," says Nicole, as she did with the four c. 1980 Queen Anne-style chairs she got on eBay. Nicole lightened the mahogany finish with an almond-hued spray paint and covered the pleather seat cushions with a blue-and-espresso damask for a refreshingly elegant color combination. Ball fringe trim and a monogram complete the makeover.
Fully Made Over Chair
PAINTA light color, Krylon's H2O Atlantic Almond or [Australia] White Knight's 'Squirts' Spray Paint in a gloss, was spray-painted on the dark wood for a youthful effect. To ensure a long-lasting paint job, smooth surface imperfections with light-grade sandpaper and prime before applying two coats of paint. Set aside your finished chairs for a few days before using to ensure they are dry. photo credit: Lara Robby/Studio D

Voila! Updated, Stylish - Re purposed & Budget Friendly!

Article & Images from Country Living

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