22 September, 2010

Behind Design... Awe-Inspired*

Just returned home from the evening seminar, Behind Design, held at ISCD, and feel completely awe-inspired by the talks of  Judith Briggs, Jason Grant, Sarah Estens & Shannon Fricke!

Jason [Grant] mentioned this is one of his fave stories
 in the recent 'Real Living' October 2010 issue.

Lucky Girl - Jason kindly signed my copy of Real Living
magazine October 2010 issue [on sale now].
Before the talks began I was lucky enough to catch up with a number of wonderful people, Julie Blackmore - who is a Dulux Colour Consultant, former ISCD educator, and who is the secretary of the Queensland divison of The Colour Society Australia. I also got to catch up and chat with my lovely [former] ISCD educator Cherie Karlsson, who in her own right is an amazing designer|colour consultant & architect.  I also had a great chinwag with one of the speakers, Judith Briggs - who is an interior designer & colour consultant, as well ad the NSW Division Chairperson for The Colour Society of Australia. I always find it fascinating talking with other professionals, especially those who have achieved so much so well - it's a privilege and a great opportunity to soak it all up. We got to talking about blogging, facebook and twitter - and how fabulous design communities can be & brought together through technology and how it can really raise awareness for groups, make a presence for individuals and how quickly trends can start, follow, and die! After chatting with Judith hopefully there's somewhere I can help The Colour Society Australia [NSW] become more viral with getting active messages to members and potential members through Twitter, FB and Blogs!
Shannon [Fricke] kindly signed my Sept-Oct 2009
issue of Inside Out magazine - Palatial Living blogged about
this cover & editorial styling Shannon did called
'Once more with feeling - Shannon's Way' back in August 2009.

Thanks Shannon!  Shannon signed my recent copy of
Inside Out Magazine Sept-Oct 2010 issue.

Needless to say I loved hearing from all the speakers, of whom I got to meet afterwards - Judith [Briggs] discussed her interior & colour design work in the commercial world taking us through the 'heaven & hell' experiences of working with clients; Jason [Grant] took us through a wonderful lead up & steps to how a stylist gets a [magazine] shoot done & dusted from a art & editorial brief;  Sarah [Estens] from Frost* showed us her amazing 'branded' world of environmental & spatial design with some of the commissions that they have tendered for & worked on - in particular with Fraser's Property Group; and Shannon [Fricke] imparted her personal story - sharing her 'creative leap' about to getting her message of design out there, in publishing, & her books. Thanks to ISCD [Prue, Luke, Nikki, Elodie, Peter, & Jess] for putting on a wonderful evening - the guest speakers just keep getting better!
All facets of this creative map - are awe-inspiring and show you that there are so many ways to make your creative mark in this world of ours... just get to it! Start today! S x

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  1. So good to hear that you that a great awe inspiring evening fully immersed at the ISCD seminar!
    from your #1 Fan



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