13 September, 2010

Love & Clutter...

I love this little yellow weathered & loved
stool, playfully holding the 'Love & Clutter'
store cards.
 A great store find in Hobart [Tasmania] Love & Clutter I stumbled upon on Murray Street whilst en-route to brunch on holiday... This lovely store has an eclectic mix of [new] hand-made locally crafted items and re-purposed pieces, along side local designers, Ruby Victoria Letterpress, Notions lovely fashion accessories and Little Black Crows very cute little stuffed bunnies and other creatures. Those who know me & follow this blog would understand, naturally I was instantly drawn to their window display with their typographic '&' character on their store cards, timber characters and store bags. The I dug a little deeper and found that my talented blog friend Narelle who runs & owns 'Ruby Victoria Letterpress' is behind the 'Love & Clutter' logo card 'commission! Well done! So if you're visiting Hobart be sure to check out 'Love & Clutter' located 31 Murray Street, Hobart Tasmania. Enjoy. S x
Love & Clutter's store window - with handmade rag dolls
on display made for Love & Clutter by Jess Brown.
The Love & Clutter stylish re-usable store bag,
I missed out this time so will
have to go back to get one!

To contact Jess Brown for any of her gorgeous & unique rag dolls - visit her blog HERE
To view & order Narelle's fabulous letterpress & linoprint pieces visit 'Ruby Victoria Letter Press' store on Etsy.com or via her blog 'Ruby Victoria'.


  1. I just love all of it too! If I get to Tasmania before you, I will buy you one of these delight!
    From your #1 Fan

  2. What an intriguing shop, I love the name, thanks for the tip ill be saving that one. Megan xx



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