23 September, 2010

A Mile Stone & A Big Thank You...

I am so very happy - Palatial Living has reached over 45,000 visitors!
I remember when I started this blog, a few years ago, thinking I was only talking to myself,  and was anyone really reading this? I was just so happy when 1 or 2 people stopped by and made a comment here and there!
A BIG Thank You  to YOU, for following an visiting my blog, I don't think I can describe how it makes me feel knowing I have such lovely followers & supporters both in & out of the design community. Here's To You. S xxx

1 comment:

  1. What an amazing achievement. I have to admit I'm a constant lurker, as you'd know with a little person its not always that easy to get time to write a comment but this post deserves one - well done you! Inspiration ideas, enjoyable reading and lots of beautiful things to lust after. My kind of web porn :)



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