31 August, 2012

Colour Colour Colour....

Fell in love with all these wonderful hues!
Some colours from manufactured looks - Pink Apple. I simply couldn't resist the painted pink apple - so cool. And most are from nature  - like these gorgeous foxglove flowers, they show us where we can take inspiration from - to make these inspired colour wheels! 

images via crushculdesac, tumblr, pinterest, misswallflower

30 August, 2012

Fresh Living Rooms...

Loving these fresh, light & bright Living areas...
some colour combinations and looks can be timeless.
Is it time to mix up your throw cushions, or a fresh coat of paint?

The soft, creamy gray color running through this small living room
helps it feel bigger, since the eye doesn't focus on it and
goes straight to the windows.
Designed by Ginger Barber. Featured in July 2009 issue

Chardonnay grape vineyards surround this contemporary California farmhouse.
Designer Jean Larette wanted this living room to have a seamless
 indoor-outdoor flow. Two walls of foldable, glass-paned doors take the
 place of solid walls so the owner can feel the breeze and enjoy the view.

images via housebeautiful.com


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