15 June, 2011

A Message for You..

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Just Because...

Just because... thought this 'Oodle' was so cute! Not sure if 'he' is a Cavoodle - like my Zach, or a Spoodle.
All the same it made me happy! A Palatial Poochie!

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Off & Away... for a bit.

Just a quick note to say that yes I am still alive & around! Although you may not know it from my lack thereof of shared inspiration, mid week house snoops, colour design tips & tricks, fab decorating projects - need I go on for what I have been depriving you of!
The saying ' when it rains it pours' that is my life for the past little bit for both family and work life!
So as I write this post - my lovely 1st fur baby Lucy, my Cavalier King Charles, lovingly sits on my lap her head hung over my typing arm... she knows something is going on! And she's right - I am off tomorrow on a plane for a work sourcing & development trip to Hong Kong & many China based cities, with 10 fuelled days of meetings, showroom & factory visits and several flights to throw into the choatic mix... It's a great opportunity & one I have been working towards for a number of years now - so like most things that present themselves to me - I grabbed it with both hands!
So over this time away, I will have limited access to emails let alone ability to post blogs on Palatial Living...

So it is here that I bid you adieu for now til my return when I really really hope that things start to settle down for at least a week or two til my next big project that I am DYING to tell you all about... but stay tuned!
Take care & please join me again at Palatial Living towards the end of June when I am back home in Sydney!

images via oatterson maker, pretty stuff via ysvoice: Flower Boat - Dal Lake, Kashmir, India 1996
by Steve McCurry, mary kate steinmiller bracelts via coveted

09 June, 2011

Lost in a Sea...

Please forgive me for my absence from Palatial Living this past week, we received some sad news early Tuesday morning, my grandfather, my 'Pa' - George R Scott  [whom I often think of as the original silver fox - a real Cary Grant - suave, charming, handsome and slicked back coiffed silver hair] passed away close to midnight on Monday night. His passing is bittersweet but naturally for the best.
This week my inspiration has been lacking, I'm sure you can appreciate why, and I must say I have felt overwhelmed & almost lost in this sensation of mixed emotions - much like floating in this massive sea, I think that's why this image spoke to me. Peaceful but something else all together.
I was ever to grateful to have been able to spend this past Sunday afternoon with my Pa, holding his hand and taking the opportunity to thank him for being such a wonderful man & grandfather - the best a granddaughter could ever hope for.
 I have the chance to honour him tomorrow at his funeral service by reading and speaking part of his eulogy alongside my mum, my aunts, my cousin & my grandmother. .. this time next week I will be in China - timing in our lives is such a bizarre thing. The Ancient Greek philosopher Seneca said  [in not so many words] '...expect the unexpected - then we will not be surprised...'
Thank you for your patience - I am sure inspiration will find me again in an unusual way... it just might take a a short while so to share with you again.
So make sure you tell those you hold dearly - that you love them & tell them now - don't let the moment pass. The moment is what we have.

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03 June, 2011

Go Get It!

Love this.
I believe in doing. I believe in doing what you say that you're going to do. I believe that if you put 'it' out there - 'it' will come back to you... both positive & negative.
But sometimes you have to reach out for 'it' too!
This weekend go beyond your comfort zone - try it, go for it, do it!
I think one of the worst things to do is to regret. If you ask the question or give it a go - you may never wonder 'what if'!
Go get it! Swim out to your 'ship'. And make sure you have fun getting there!

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Happy Weekend! x

Happy Weekend!
Thank you so very much for bearing with me over the past few weeks!
It's been a little bit of a 'flood' of events over the past week or so hence not being able to get onto my love, Palatial Living, so to share all the inspires me - and a few great projects along the way!
A lot has been happening in both work and family life... I am preparing to head off to China week after next for nearly 2 weeks on a sourcing & development trip - which is very exciting but will be a lot of hard work - meeting suppliers and visiting their showrooms, with at least 4 internal flights and an express train trip to boot! All in the name of style & product!
My super - wonderful -lovely students for my Cert IV Design Monday night class at ISCD will have to do without me for 1 week -  I will miss them... I love teaching at ISCD, if you're thinking about learning more about colour & design be sure to check out ISCD's website for on campus & distance learning through their iDE [international distance education] program. Which leads me to my fabulous & very resourceful iDE Cert IV Design students - who continue to blow me away over the month of may I had over 8 students submit their work - and you cannot believe the creative pieces they turn out! Am simply continually amazed!

On the home front - we've been cleaning out, throwing out and working out the 'what to do next' phase! Recently our new bed & side tables arrived [thank goodness - the bed was dying!}and our existing tall boy and blanket box no longer matched  in colouration to the new pieces... I love the 'old' pieces so was thinking of way to keep them and to not spend more money, & of how I could best re-purpose them...
Solution - I sanded and repainted them - Voila! The last coat of paint on the drawers is drying as we speak! So I plan to post pics of the before and after paint project for you - I am so pleased with the outcome and can't wait to add the crystal drawer knobs, I purchased in my fave home wares store Port Douglas last March whilst on our baby moon, onto the drawers! Stay tuned...
So a little more garage cleaning tomorrow and a trip to the local tip... and definitely a glass of wine!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend & a very Palatial time doing it!
See you soon...

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02 June, 2011

Needle in a Haystack...

Love it... I would make a big effort to find this little 'needle in a haystack'!

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Someone asked me how I was going the other week...
I replied 'swimmingly - thank you'; even though I had a tonne of things to do and felt pushed to the endth - seems like a wave of things have happened at once for me [all positive but not enough time in the day - hence my MIA Palatial Living posts - more on that later]! My grandmother always told me that there is nothing more boring that someone hearing about how you 'really are'... and  nothing says it better than than this lovely image of a red pink fantail gold fish! Just swimming on by trying to look like it's ever so effortless floating away.... And I also love gold fish too!

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Serene Colour...

Loving these blue- pinks, teamed with blue kelly greens and shell skin-pink neutrals... so pretty, so inspirational.

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Very Pretty Princess...

I know the Royal Wedding of William & Catherine, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge - has come & gone, their honeymoon has been taken and they have landed back into reality - but I simply couldn't resist revisiting the very pretty lovely images of now & a few of those from yesteryear. Both very very pretty 'princesses'.

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