15 June, 2011

Off & Away... for a bit.

Just a quick note to say that yes I am still alive & around! Although you may not know it from my lack thereof of shared inspiration, mid week house snoops, colour design tips & tricks, fab decorating projects - need I go on for what I have been depriving you of!
The saying ' when it rains it pours' that is my life for the past little bit for both family and work life!
So as I write this post - my lovely 1st fur baby Lucy, my Cavalier King Charles, lovingly sits on my lap her head hung over my typing arm... she knows something is going on! And she's right - I am off tomorrow on a plane for a work sourcing & development trip to Hong Kong & many China based cities, with 10 fuelled days of meetings, showroom & factory visits and several flights to throw into the choatic mix... It's a great opportunity & one I have been working towards for a number of years now - so like most things that present themselves to me - I grabbed it with both hands!
So over this time away, I will have limited access to emails let alone ability to post blogs on Palatial Living...

So it is here that I bid you adieu for now til my return when I really really hope that things start to settle down for at least a week or two til my next big project that I am DYING to tell you all about... but stay tuned!
Take care & please join me again at Palatial Living towards the end of June when I am back home in Sydney!

images via oatterson maker, pretty stuff via ysvoice: Flower Boat - Dal Lake, Kashmir, India 1996
by Steve McCurry, mary kate steinmiller bracelts via coveted

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