09 June, 2011

Lost in a Sea...

Please forgive me for my absence from Palatial Living this past week, we received some sad news early Tuesday morning, my grandfather, my 'Pa' - George R Scott  [whom I often think of as the original silver fox - a real Cary Grant - suave, charming, handsome and slicked back coiffed silver hair] passed away close to midnight on Monday night. His passing is bittersweet but naturally for the best.
This week my inspiration has been lacking, I'm sure you can appreciate why, and I must say I have felt overwhelmed & almost lost in this sensation of mixed emotions - much like floating in this massive sea, I think that's why this image spoke to me. Peaceful but something else all together.
I was ever to grateful to have been able to spend this past Sunday afternoon with my Pa, holding his hand and taking the opportunity to thank him for being such a wonderful man & grandfather - the best a granddaughter could ever hope for.
 I have the chance to honour him tomorrow at his funeral service by reading and speaking part of his eulogy alongside my mum, my aunts, my cousin & my grandmother. .. this time next week I will be in China - timing in our lives is such a bizarre thing. The Ancient Greek philosopher Seneca said  [in not so many words] '...expect the unexpected - then we will not be surprised...'
Thank you for your patience - I am sure inspiration will find me again in an unusual way... it just might take a a short while so to share with you again.
So make sure you tell those you hold dearly - that you love them & tell them now - don't let the moment pass. The moment is what we have.

image via note to sarah, via patterson maker

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