27 April, 2015

Inspired. Make Marks Daily.

Make Marks Daily.
Make Marks Daily 
I recently read a great article in #AustralianCountryStyle (from Summer January 15 issue) on ceramicist and artist Claire Atkins. As I began reading her story it felt familiar - mainly because her quest & commitment over the course the year for 2014 was to 'Make Marks Daily'.It was this familiarity became apparent as I learnt that we are from same alumni design school, the College of Fine Arts UNSW in Paddington Sydney, also known as CoFA. Whilst Claire a '95 graduate and I a '99 grad we most likely shared a number of the same teachers & professors across the studies we undertook.  
I love this concept, it spurns you to immediately create without being precious about what exactly. It is simple.
It heralds back to teachings I received (most likely from the same professor as Claire) from the once head of school and now assoc dean of international art, and expert ceramicist (Dr.) Vaughan Rees (hails from Australian art royalty also, is the nephew of Australian artist Lloyd Rees).
So this is my small tribute to #MakeMarksDaily - would be a very interesting surface print... It has inspired me to get my
shed in order and set up my studio - soon!
Thanks #ClaireAtkins & #AustralianCountryStyle for sharing the inspiration.
 Sarah - #PalatialLiving
Images: (1) - via #pinterest; (2 - 6) images via Claire Atkins FB page #pinky&maurice contemporary ceramics https://www.facebook.com/PinkyMauriceContemporaryCeramics?fref=photo 
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