28 April, 2015

Found. Mother's Day - A Few Best Gifts...

via HardtoFind.com.au Home is wherever mum is print by
Ships from CAMDEN, Australia $24.95 + FREE SHIPPING.

It's often hard to find just 1 great gift for your Mum - a gift that sums up a year plus of all the 'Thank You's' and something that is good enough for 'I love You ' that covers more than just one day. And if you're exceptionally lucky like me not only with my own mum, I also have this in my wonderful mother-in-law . So in some ways it makes it very tricky indeed!
I have a lovely little 5yr old daughter, Isabelle, who is a-tuned to all things and especially across what we find together window shopping and images I find through magazines. So much so she's started the phrase 'I wish I had...' as a wistful response much like her mother - me - to the idea of all the things she likes and finds! We make a list and go to #pinterest instead! Whilst nothing genuinely beats the hand picked and hand made items lovingly found at a preschool or school Mother's Day stall. Something I never comprehended until my own daughter proudly wrapped her own finds from a stall and deftly made with love a card filled with pictures of texta coloured flowers and cute figure drawings of her & I together in this fluro colourful garden....
A little online shopping also helps 'til they can buy you what you'd also like to use or wear!  
So with that I've found a few of my favourite things that may just inspire you for Mother's Day gifts too... and coincidently from the beautifully curated Australian site that I have been a long time huge fan of 'hardtofind'
Sarah - #PalatialLiving
via HardtoFind.com.au Mother's personalised tree of life chain bracelet by  
Ships from London, United Kingdom .$149.00 + FREE SHIPPING       
via HardtoFind.com.au Initial jewellery box by
5Ships from Armadale, Australia $119.95 + FREE SHIPPING

via HardtoFind.com.au Lapis lazuli blue suede fold-over clutch by  
Ships from Avalon, Australia $129.00 + FREE SHIPPING. Pom Poms separate.


via HardtoFind.com.au  Woven bracelet in cool mint & silver by
5Ships from Warriewood, Australia $69.95 + FREE SHIPPING


via HardtoFind.com.au  Boho sherbert washable leather gardening gloves by
5 5Ships from Crossman, Australia $47.90 + FREE SHIPPING

via HardtoFind.com.au Hand-stamped Mother's Day single vintage teaspoonby  .
Ships from MILDURA, Australia  $39.00 + FREE SHIPPING

 via HardtoFind XOXO gold foil greeting card by
Ships from Norwood, Australia $6.50 + FREE SHIPPING


27 April, 2015

Inspired. Make Marks Daily.

Make Marks Daily.
Make Marks Daily 
I recently read a great article in #AustralianCountryStyle (from Summer January 15 issue) on ceramicist and artist Claire Atkins. As I began reading her story it felt familiar - mainly because her quest & commitment over the course the year for 2014 was to 'Make Marks Daily'.It was this familiarity became apparent as I learnt that we are from same alumni design school, the College of Fine Arts UNSW in Paddington Sydney, also known as CoFA. Whilst Claire a '95 graduate and I a '99 grad we most likely shared a number of the same teachers & professors across the studies we undertook.  
I love this concept, it spurns you to immediately create without being precious about what exactly. It is simple.
It heralds back to teachings I received (most likely from the same professor as Claire) from the once head of school and now assoc dean of international art, and expert ceramicist (Dr.) Vaughan Rees (hails from Australian art royalty also, is the nephew of Australian artist Lloyd Rees).
So this is my small tribute to #MakeMarksDaily - would be a very interesting surface print... It has inspired me to get my
shed in order and set up my studio - soon!
Thanks #ClaireAtkins & #AustralianCountryStyle for sharing the inspiration.
 Sarah - #PalatialLiving
Images: (1) - via #pinterest; (2 - 6) images via Claire Atkins FB page #pinky&maurice contemporary ceramics https://www.facebook.com/PinkyMauriceContemporaryCeramics?fref=photo 
For more details please visit:  


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