19 February, 2013

All About Headboards....

Starting Point

Use a favorite fabric to inspire your headboard’s shape, or vice versa. The Asian motif on this pretty coral fabric complements the pagoda-inspired shape of the headboard, and paired with grasscloth wall covering, gives the bedroom an exotic island feel


Playing with Scale
This dramatically-sized headboard steals the show without overwhelming the room. Repetition of the wall color on the headboard's frame and the fabrics found on the bed keeps the look simple.

go Monochromatic

If choosing a color palette is overwhelming, stick to different shades of a favorite color. Repeating different tones on accessories, and even the lampshade, keeps the look cohesive. Just be sure to limit the look to one room, else your home may resemble a crayon box!

Employ Contrast
If a monochromatic scheme isn't your cup of tea, use colors opposite each other on the color wheel to create a unique palette. Here, the pale turquoise walls are an icy contrast to the warm red quilt. Fabric on the headboard that contains both colors pulls the look together.

Use What You Have

A pair of twin headboards can stand in for a larger one. This is especially useful in a guest room, where a variety of options might be needed. Simply pull the beds apart when two twin-sized beds better fit your guests’ needs.

Repurpose a Vintage Find

With a little imagination, nearly anything can be made into a headboard. Here, a damaged – but still pretty – mantel was converted into a one-of-a-kind piece.
Found this great look into all types of bed head boards from Coastal Living and wanted to share it with you. My grandmother always had amazing beds and headboards, coverlets and coordinating wall papers for different furniture & rooms with different purposes -  when I would stay with her during school holidays at her various homes through the New England Tableland to the Blue Mountains [in NSW]. I think in essence I have a true fondness for a solid headboard from these moments I think back to - harking of of both sentimentality and a youthful awareness of detail and design - perhaps?   
A head board can certainly be a statement and feature piece within your sleeping space, and it can also be a great vehicle to join colours, styles and print patterns together. 
Take a look at these fabulous head board ideas... maybe one will fit your style and ideas? 

images - sub text via pinterest  &  coastal living

15 February, 2013

Friday Flowers x

I haven't posted Friday Flowers for a little while so thought it was time to do so... 
 I was also inspired by the deep purple irises I just gave my lovely neighbour Kate, who kindly looked after our fur baby - poochies Lucy & Zach whilst Mr Palatial and I were skiing the slopes in Sahoro Japan! Oh and our little precious Isabelle was galavanting he South Coast NSW with my parents!
Thanks Kate!
Happy Friday Flowers * Happy Weekend!

BTW - I have recently changed my Palatial Tunes to TunesList - so hope you like my Palatial Living inspired tunes whilst you're reading my posts or just have it in the background whilst your working [thats' what I do!] The MixPOD died and was taken over by iTunes so can no longer use it :( Tuneslist seems to be great x. 

image via pinterest - via palatial living pinterest 

OPEN for Inspection...

So somehow this week in my midst of Verandah & Palatial craziness - I missed my Mid Week House Snoop - that I love simply because I am truly a nosey parker and love sharing it with you!
So instead I have a Palatial Exclusive - 'Open For Inspection' purely due to missing Wednesday and also being Friday everything that anyone wants to organise to see property-wise is open for inspection on Saturday!
[Saturday, 16 Feb 2013 12:00 pm- 12:40 pm]
So this pseudo House Snoop - Open for Inspection does not let you down! This is a truly stunning property, worth of Palatial Living standard and not too far from my humble back door. Located in Turramurra on blue ribbon side, Worcester St, it does not disappoint. The owners are even showcasing Palatial Living & Verandah colour schematics [with exception of the media living room  feature wall... although they [the owners] didn't call on me to help them with colour consulting what can I say!]. However looking at the bigger picture the gardens, the home, the position and overall feeling of this gorgeous home is not only stunningly beautiful but quite sublime and ready to make it someones home again. 
A Thank You to Paolo Lorenzutta, Licensee & Principal, from Richardson & Wrench Turramurra [who is also the agent we bought our wonderful Wahroonga local home from] whom I spoke with this week and looking to use my - Verandah Home & Garden Living Solutions styling services across the properties his agency will represent on the North Shore for pre-sale property styling
Looking forward to making a difference in footfall, marketing campaigns, vendor's bottom-line & making someone a gorgeous place to call home x 

Agent's Blurb... Richarson & Wrench Turramurra

OPEN for INSPECTION:  Saturday, 16 Feb 2013 12:00 pm- 12:40 pm


This beautiful two storey double brick family home offers space and style and is located in a highly sought after culdesac position in Turramurra and will appeal to buyers seeking one of the highest quality homes in the area. With a fantastic open plan layout, the home has been designed perfectly for indoor or outdoor entertaining.
The home comprises:
- 4 spacious bedrooms (WIR to master) plus study
- 4 bathrooms (Master & 2nd with ensuites)
- Formal lounge & dining areas open onto the beautiful entertaining courtyard overlooking the in-ground pool
- Magnificent open plan Caesar Stone Kitchen with top quality stainless steel appliances plus meals area
- Large separate family room with parquetry flooring
- In-ground pool with frameless glass fencing and mature Magnolia plants
- Landscaped gardens and manicured hedges surround the property which also includes a separate sandstone courtyard
- Ducted R/C Air conditioning plus double garage
- Walk to station, shops & schools

Property Features

Alarm SystemClose to SchoolsClose to ShopsClose to TransportAir ConditioningSecure ParkingBuilt-In Wardrobes
images & subtext via domain.com.au and Richardson & Wrench Turramurra

12 February, 2013

Your Colour Questions... Sorted- Part 2.

 Light & Colour Effects
Q: How should lighting play into my color choices?
A: Daylight is the best light in which to test colours but even daylight isn't consistent. Northern light is warmer, southern light is cooler [in the Southern Hemisphere - for you in the Northern Hemisphere simply reverse this]. Plus, different light bulbs give off different light colour. 
Test paint in large swatches on your walls and examine the options at different times of day with different light fixtures on. Drape fabric swatches over pieces of furniture for assessment, as well. Consider the time of day you'll be using the room most frequently. Pick a color that looks best during that time so that you'll be able to enjoy it. This is essential to get the 'best' out of how you will view it.

                                                 House-Wide Colour
Q: How do I unify all the rooms in my house?
A: Fashion a whole-house palette by keeping major furnishings and architectural finishes in neutral hues. Employ the same trim colour in all rooms. For room-to-room transitions, use the same hues throughout your home, but vary proportions from space to space. Use one colour on the walls in the living room and use the same colour for accents in the dining room, for example. This is certainly where a professional colour consultant or interior designer can add so much value to your project and the choices you make. 

                                                    Order of Business
Q: In what order should I select the colours for a room?
A: If you're renovating or building - then pick your wall colour last. Hard Finishes, Electricals, fittings & Case goods as well as some fabric options can be more limited to their finish & colour range. Pull the room together with what's available to you and your budget first, then go to paint colours.

                                                      Neutral vs. Colour
Q: How do I decide between putting a neutral or a colour on my walls?
A: A rule of thumb: Neutral walls make room for rich furniture and vibrant art work, whilst Colourful walls rest well behind neutral furnishings or accents of similar or complementary tints & colours. Balance for the eye - no squinting either way!

                                                          White on White
Q. I want a white room, but how do I pick the right shade of white?
A: Stay away from super whites. Not only do they make you squint they also give many headaches to the intensity of the saturated brightness [chroma value] they hold. So always look for something with a little grey or [a red based] cream in it. You'd be surprised how much colour [hue] you can add to pure white and still have it read as white on the wall. And will provide for a fresh living environment. 

Now hopefully the majority of your basic colour questions & answers are covered!
If not, and you need a professional colourist, a soundboard and good helping hand to bring the colour scheme together, then just pick up the phone or drop me a line  - and we can arrange a convenient time to get your colour groove, at your home or office,  happening! 
Call [me] Sarah on [+61] 0402 304 602, or email me at sarah.verity@verandahhomeliving.biz we can also get your covered via e-colourdesign email - post and skype. For more details on the services we offer and previous project work please visit our website www.verandahhomeliving.biz
I look forward to hearing from you - I always have time to chat about colour!

images via pinterest via @palatialliving pinterest

11 February, 2013

Your Colour Questions.... Sorted! Part 1

Your Colour Q&A's - Sorted!
Choosing the Right Colour
Q: How do I know a colour is right for my room?
A: Let the idea go that there is one right color or you might fail to recognise some very beautiful possibilities for a space. Many colours you think are wrong, simply create a different effect and may not be the desired the effect you want to achieve. That's why there are so many tints and saturation of the 'same' colour in the paint charts. This is where a professional colour designer consultant can really help and take the stress out getting that perfect tint or shade of that one colour you just love!

Use & Repeat
Q: How do I use my colour choices in a room?

A: Use each colour at least twice. 
Repeat your wall colour in the form of pillows or other accents to unify your theme.                                                             

 Lounge Dilemma

Q: I own a dark brown sofa. How can I keep the piece from dominating the look of the room?

A: I love brown- chocolate lounges too. You can put any colour of pillow on it. Keep the walls lighter, anchor the space with a light-color textural rug, and limit other dark browns to an accent chair or a picture frame. Bring in mid-tones such as hot or shades of coral pink, red or vermilion, and teal or jade. 

                                                    Small Space & Colour

Q. I love colour, but have a small house. How can I best use colour in my small spaces?

A: Patterns have more visual weight than solids and can make small rooms appear even smaller. Enlarge the perception of the space by placing simply patterned pillows on a plain sofa lounge and use textured solids to add interest without busy-ness.

Make My Bedroom 'Me'

Q: How do I make my bedroom feel a little more like "me"?

A: Use favorite patterns and motifs in your desired colour scheme. Love pretty florals? Look for a floral comforter and draw your colours from that. If modern geometrics draw you in, start with solid bedding and add throw cushions or pillows with geometric shapes - then layer with subtle self textures.

                                                  Bold Colours & Patterns - Ready!

Q: I'm ready to be bold with colour and pattern, but how do I make sure I don't go over the top?

 A: When both patterns and colours are bold, use less of each so as not to overpower a room. Choose accents colours from the patterns to accessories, try to keep part of the decor anchored with a plain - solid colour, i.e walls, floor or lounge - wherever you're not using a pattern.


I have a lot of people and clients ask me many colour & styling related questions and know how helpful it can be when you find that answer to a burning question you've had for a while! Hopefully the above Q&A's details have helped you find a solution to you decorating dilemma! If not please don' hesitate to contact me for professional design styling & colour consultancy at 
or via web 
If you're located outside of Sydney Australia I can accommodate your needs via 'e-colourdesign consultancy' or simply a 'room-in-a-box via the post' - I can help you!
I am working on Part 2 Colour Q&A for tomorrow's Palatial Living post - stay tuned. 

images via pinterest - via palatial living pinterest  - via tumblr


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