15 February, 2013

Friday Flowers x

I haven't posted Friday Flowers for a little while so thought it was time to do so... 
 I was also inspired by the deep purple irises I just gave my lovely neighbour Kate, who kindly looked after our fur baby - poochies Lucy & Zach whilst Mr Palatial and I were skiing the slopes in Sahoro Japan! Oh and our little precious Isabelle was galavanting he South Coast NSW with my parents!
Thanks Kate!
Happy Friday Flowers * Happy Weekend!

BTW - I have recently changed my Palatial Tunes to TunesList - so hope you like my Palatial Living inspired tunes whilst you're reading my posts or just have it in the background whilst your working [thats' what I do!] The MixPOD died and was taken over by iTunes so can no longer use it :( Tuneslist seems to be great x. 

image via pinterest - via palatial living pinterest 

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