12 February, 2013

Your Colour Questions... Sorted- Part 2.

 Light & Colour Effects
Q: How should lighting play into my color choices?
A: Daylight is the best light in which to test colours but even daylight isn't consistent. Northern light is warmer, southern light is cooler [in the Southern Hemisphere - for you in the Northern Hemisphere simply reverse this]. Plus, different light bulbs give off different light colour. 
Test paint in large swatches on your walls and examine the options at different times of day with different light fixtures on. Drape fabric swatches over pieces of furniture for assessment, as well. Consider the time of day you'll be using the room most frequently. Pick a color that looks best during that time so that you'll be able to enjoy it. This is essential to get the 'best' out of how you will view it.

                                                 House-Wide Colour
Q: How do I unify all the rooms in my house?
A: Fashion a whole-house palette by keeping major furnishings and architectural finishes in neutral hues. Employ the same trim colour in all rooms. For room-to-room transitions, use the same hues throughout your home, but vary proportions from space to space. Use one colour on the walls in the living room and use the same colour for accents in the dining room, for example. This is certainly where a professional colour consultant or interior designer can add so much value to your project and the choices you make. 

                                                    Order of Business
Q: In what order should I select the colours for a room?
A: If you're renovating or building - then pick your wall colour last. Hard Finishes, Electricals, fittings & Case goods as well as some fabric options can be more limited to their finish & colour range. Pull the room together with what's available to you and your budget first, then go to paint colours.

                                                      Neutral vs. Colour
Q: How do I decide between putting a neutral or a colour on my walls?
A: A rule of thumb: Neutral walls make room for rich furniture and vibrant art work, whilst Colourful walls rest well behind neutral furnishings or accents of similar or complementary tints & colours. Balance for the eye - no squinting either way!

                                                          White on White
Q. I want a white room, but how do I pick the right shade of white?
A: Stay away from super whites. Not only do they make you squint they also give many headaches to the intensity of the saturated brightness [chroma value] they hold. So always look for something with a little grey or [a red based] cream in it. You'd be surprised how much colour [hue] you can add to pure white and still have it read as white on the wall. And will provide for a fresh living environment. 

Now hopefully the majority of your basic colour questions & answers are covered!
If not, and you need a professional colourist, a soundboard and good helping hand to bring the colour scheme together, then just pick up the phone or drop me a line  - and we can arrange a convenient time to get your colour groove, at your home or office,  happening! 
Call [me] Sarah on [+61] 0402 304 602, or email me at sarah.verity@verandahhomeliving.biz we can also get your covered via e-colourdesign email - post and skype. For more details on the services we offer and previous project work please visit our website www.verandahhomeliving.biz
I look forward to hearing from you - I always have time to chat about colour!

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