11 February, 2013

Your Colour Questions.... Sorted! Part 1

Your Colour Q&A's - Sorted!
Choosing the Right Colour
Q: How do I know a colour is right for my room?
A: Let the idea go that there is one right color or you might fail to recognise some very beautiful possibilities for a space. Many colours you think are wrong, simply create a different effect and may not be the desired the effect you want to achieve. That's why there are so many tints and saturation of the 'same' colour in the paint charts. This is where a professional colour designer consultant can really help and take the stress out getting that perfect tint or shade of that one colour you just love!

Use & Repeat
Q: How do I use my colour choices in a room?

A: Use each colour at least twice. 
Repeat your wall colour in the form of pillows or other accents to unify your theme.                                                             

 Lounge Dilemma

Q: I own a dark brown sofa. How can I keep the piece from dominating the look of the room?

A: I love brown- chocolate lounges too. You can put any colour of pillow on it. Keep the walls lighter, anchor the space with a light-color textural rug, and limit other dark browns to an accent chair or a picture frame. Bring in mid-tones such as hot or shades of coral pink, red or vermilion, and teal or jade. 

                                                    Small Space & Colour

Q. I love colour, but have a small house. How can I best use colour in my small spaces?

A: Patterns have more visual weight than solids and can make small rooms appear even smaller. Enlarge the perception of the space by placing simply patterned pillows on a plain sofa lounge and use textured solids to add interest without busy-ness.

Make My Bedroom 'Me'

Q: How do I make my bedroom feel a little more like "me"?

A: Use favorite patterns and motifs in your desired colour scheme. Love pretty florals? Look for a floral comforter and draw your colours from that. If modern geometrics draw you in, start with solid bedding and add throw cushions or pillows with geometric shapes - then layer with subtle self textures.

                                                  Bold Colours & Patterns - Ready!

Q: I'm ready to be bold with colour and pattern, but how do I make sure I don't go over the top?

 A: When both patterns and colours are bold, use less of each so as not to overpower a room. Choose accents colours from the patterns to accessories, try to keep part of the decor anchored with a plain - solid colour, i.e walls, floor or lounge - wherever you're not using a pattern.


I have a lot of people and clients ask me many colour & styling related questions and know how helpful it can be when you find that answer to a burning question you've had for a while! Hopefully the above Q&A's details have helped you find a solution to you decorating dilemma! If not please don' hesitate to contact me for professional design styling & colour consultancy at 
or via web 
If you're located outside of Sydney Australia I can accommodate your needs via 'e-colourdesign consultancy' or simply a 'room-in-a-box via the post' - I can help you!
I am working on Part 2 Colour Q&A for tomorrow's Palatial Living post - stay tuned. 

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