29 May, 2015

Do you have this... 5 Annoying Little Home Problems - For the Fix read here!

Is there any way to make my whole house smell fresh without cleaning it from top to bottom
Solution: Sprinkle a few drops of vanilla extract onto your a/c filter. A drop of your favorite essential oil works, too. Or find a great household candle to burn when you are cleaning your home - open the windows up.
Great household candles that are inexpensive and a #PalatialLiving find are #Price's Household Candles - they have one that is called 'Open Window' in Australia they can be found in #Coles supermarkets. #Price’s (UK) is one of the world’s oldest candle manufacturers and produces candles of the highest quality see. this link for more details Their 'FRESH AIR' range are the candles I use in our home.
I need help hanging pictures and artwork, but first I need to patch the holes from my previous attempts.
Solution: To patch tiny holes, you'll need a putty knife and patching plaster. If you plan to repaint, look for a plaster and primer in one, like 3M Patch Plus Primer. The first rule when hanging pictures: Don't eyeball it. If you're going to hang multiple pictures, use newspaper to create true-to-size templates of your frames that you can arrange on the wall using painter's tape. Finally, don't align pictures with the ceiling or floor -- they might not be level. Instead, use a level to draw a faint line a few inches down from the ceiling and use that as your starting point.
I love my stainless-steel appliances but hate all the fingerprints.
Solution: We all have a love/hate relationship with stainless steel. To prevent fingerprints, apply a thin layer of olive oil to the surface using a soft cloth, also old stockings work well for this job.
Is it possible to remove rust stains in a porcelain sink?
Solution: Believe it or not, toothpaste might do the trick. Cover the stain with toothpaste and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Sprinkle with baking soda and rub it out with a clean, soft cloth.
Now I know why people say, "I don't do windows." How do you avoid streaks?
Solution: Try washing windows on a cloudy day. Otherwise the sun dries the cleaner before you can wipe it away. Use newspapers instead of paper towels. They do a better job, and they're less expensive.
As a pre-wash solutions #PalatialLiving uses a combination of sugar soap & eucalyptus wool wash with warm water & soft sponge to wash down any dirt grime prior to spraying the windows. A little extra elbow grease is required - but this gets the window sills & frame clean and ensures you're not rubbing dirt particles into the glass when using the spray.Hence making the whole job worthwhile - your total window will have instant yard appeal!
Perhaps a few of these annoying house jobs, mentioned, are at your home? Now they can be quickly remedied over the weekend!
Sarah x #palatialliving
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21 May, 2015

5 Great Ideas for Your Hallway Foyer

Don't Dismiss Decor.
With a little attention to styling, even a small console becomes a major design statement. Strategically hang a mirror to make the space feel twice as large. via my own style
Whether you have a narrow small space or a large open void for your front foyer - there's loads you can do with a few little tricks be it wallpaper or paint, baskets or hooks & decor.
Here's a few I found via #countryliving #goodhousekeeping that I thought were great to share with you that are in keeping with the Palatial Living mantra - 'Grand or Cosy. In & Out. All Things for Stylish Living', just for you.
Sarah #PalatialLiving


06 May, 2015

Made With Love - Gifts for Your Mum

DIY Cheese Markers
Any hostess will love getting handmade stamped cheese markers. To make this adorable Mother's Day gift, place vintage silver-plated forks between two felt pieces and flatten in a vise. Place the front side up on a metal block and use metal stamps and a hammer to mark the name of the cheese. Cut off a few inches at the top of the handle, then make a curly loop by wrapping the handle in felt and curling it backward using pliers
Made With Love - Gifts for Your Mum x
Not everyone wants to buy something for their Mum, not every Mum suits something store bought.
So with that - there's still time to get making something for your Mum.
Something clever, something purposeful and something gorgeous.
Here are some great ideas I have found across a couple of my fave home living sites.
Sarah x #Palatial Living
Sweet Smelling Candle
There's no Mother's Day gift more classic than a fragrant candle. Pick a scent and color that fits your mother's personality and pair it with our DIY candleholders. To make, spray a light mist of water into a glass holder. Spray a light layer of metallic gold paint on the inside of the holder, painting over the water beads (it will leave the glass slightly translucent); let dry. Add a layer of gold glitter spray to finish.

Flower Seed Packets
Celebrate the sweetness both Mom and spring have to offer with flowers that will keep her smiling long after Mother's Day. Wrap store-bought seed packets for your mom's favorite blooms in easy-stitch burlap bags, and seal the bags with a plant marker. If you want to spice up the bag, pin a vintage picture of the flower on top for an added touch.
'Family" Kitchen Artwork
Family is what is most important on special days like Mother's Day. Give your mom this gift to remind her how much you care. To make, buy several wooden spoons -- one for each letter. Paint the ends of each spoon; let dry. Using a letter stencil, lightly blot white paint to make one letter on each spoon; let dry. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the opening of a picture frame (make sure the frame can fit all spoons with a 1/2-inch border on all sides). Wrap white canvas around the front of the cardboard; hot-glue to secure. Insert in frame; hot-glue spoons to the canvas.

Message in a Jar
Get the kids involved with this cute Mother's Day gift -- a simple jar with notes telling her all the reasons she's loved. Have kids write their thoughts, or have them tell you their ideas and you write them down. Roll up the strips of paper and put them in a jar. Tie a bow around the jar for added flair.

Framed Butterfly Family Tree
Mum will love this spring-theme representation of the people she loves most in this easy-to-make family tree project. Design the layout on a separate sheet of paper, assigning different paper colors to different generations. Punch out two butterflies per family member with a crafts punch, and write their name on the top cutout. Keeping the center body on the top cutout flat, fold the wings up; this will give the butterflies a fluttery look. Glue the bodies of each pair of cutouts together using crafts glue or rubber cement. Place butterflies on a matte board and mark positions lightly with a pencil; glue in place on board. Frame the finished butterfly family tree.
images & sub text via bhg.com


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