18 June, 2010

Flowers for Friday...Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday! I love this bright living room - I don't usually like 'yellow' as a main decorating colour more as an accent tor highligh, than as a main hue - but somehow in this space - combined with the raspberry pink red & off-white it really works. All colours share a 'muddier' grey base - they share the same value - and are therefore cohesive - one is not 'fighting' the other because they all share the same base. But really - I picked these images because I love the mixed pink peonies vased and placed on the tray coupled with a few books & favourite objects on the ottoman. A small casual vignette  that brings an 'organic' personal touch to the room.
This weekend I am 'taking it easy' getting rid of this bug for a start, and preparing to organise & de-clutter the home office project before ordering furniture & pieces. Plus a nice late afternoon sunny snooze somewhere fitted in!
I hope you have a lovely weekend [the weather in Sydney is set for sunny brilliant blue winter skies] and rejuvenate over the weekend, with family & friends, for a another wonderful week ahead! Thank You for joining me this week at Palatial Living - and your kind emails whilst I've been a 'tad under the weather'! See you next week! S xxx

Images from Traditional Home


  1. Love the living room too. Pink and white flowers are my favorites. The windows blinds makes the room more better.
    Jane Taylor
    liverpool blinds Dress up your room without breaking the bank styling your room

  2. So glad I stumbled across your blog. You have beautiful images. I am currently studying interior design so look forward to following. I'm with you on the 'yellow' thing - not one of my favorites but somehow it does work in this space. Look forward to your next post. Michelle

  3. Yellow is one of my favorite colours, especially for walls--it's like letting warm sunshine into the room!



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