04 June, 2010

Friday Flowers...

It's a terribly dark & dreary day here in Sydney with torrential rain that doesn't seem like it will let up for a while now... So I was inspired to post this image of this very pretty, bright & colourful image of full headed peonies and a small turquoise ring in a pale pink shell vessel - it just pops!
I have to apologise and thank you all at once... I have been a little tardy in posting over the past several weeks as I try to get into more of a routine with my baby girl, Isabelle, and getting use to being at home making my own routine whilst also getting Isabelle's happening! So I thank you so much for your patience & for sticking with me at Palatial Living whilst I get my groove happening again! I am continually inspired and can't wait to keep sharing all my ideas with you, and hopefully help where I can!
Thanks again your support and kind wishes mean the world to me. Here's to Your Friday & Your Wonderful Weekend! Enjoy, S xxx

Image from Elle Decor


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