30 June, 2010

Look Familiar...So Chic!

Does this 'So Chic' Living Room look familiar?
It should - it's Candice Bushnell's living room and also the cover of the Elle Decor 'So Chic - Glamorous Lives.Stylish Places.' decor book....
[above - image/caption via Elle Decor] In the living room, Caio Fonseca’s Fifth Street Painting C04.13 overlooks a 19th-century tufted bustle chair from Bijan Royal, a vintage brass floor lamp from Retro-Modern, Moroccan poufs from John Derian Co., and an Oushak rug from ABC Carpet & Home. The couple purchased the Louis XVI sofa from writer Jay McInerney, and the ivory-and-ebony box is from Amy Perlin Antiques.

Here's some other great images of Bushnell's tres chic home she shares with dancer Charles Askegard, and was decorated with the help of Susan Forristal.....
[above] A 19th-century Venetian chaise is dressed up with a pillow from Geminola; the palm-leaf lamp from Le Décor Français dates from the 1800s.
[above] A pair of gold-leafed sheaf sconces from Downtown flank the living room mantel, which is original to the apartment.
[above] In the den, ebonized campaign chairs with white cowhide seats from Gray Gardens face a velvet upholstered sofa with a pillow made of vintage fabric from Geminola; the rug is by Madeline Weinrib from ABC Carpet & Home.

Photographer: William Waldron

Images via Elle Decor & Amazon.com

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