17 June, 2010

A Cosy Spot...

A cosy spot is what I am putting myself in today...I am a little under the weather, I think the past 8 or so weeks have caught up with me & new motherhood and seem to have a nasty cold-chest infection. I suspect that a combination of early morning feeds and realising I probably can't try to fit it all in within a single sleep time - like trying to finish my 'Verandah Home+Garden Living Solutions' website [will let you know when it's ready - stay tuned!]; redesigning a home office area; securing a new client; & like when I painted a back yard fence the other day 1 whole coat in under a 1 x 3hr sleep time - hmmm, a bit much maybe!
So this brings me to 'cosy spots' in our homes. I think 'cosy spots' in any home are super important and incredibly necessary - for peace of mind and healing after a long day or week. And with a few simple items you can have your own 'cosy spot' by incorporating a soft throw blanket, maybe a small side table to rest a cup of tea or coffee, or cool drink; and a lamp for reading - by adding some soft cushions to your chair or lounge, and a rug for floor warmth  - by a window - these small things make a space more personal, more 'homely' and instantly comforting. I know that my two poochies - Lucy,  our 5yr old King Charles Cavalier & Zach our 4 yr old Cavoodle, can find a cosy, snoozey spot anywhere! Where's your 'cosy' spot at home? Do you need to think about creating one for you?
My posts might be sweet & brief whilst I tackle this bug... please bear with me! Stay cosy [and warm - here in Sydney it's been a tad chilly & breezy over the past several days] & Take Care. Thank You - S x

Image from Country Living


  1. Lovely post Sarah! Take care of yourself and don't go doing too much. Wishing you a speedy recovery and let me know if I can do anything!

  2. A touch of nature like the decor in the picture is very relaxing.



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