13 January, 2015

Get Organised!

It's New Year & It's Time to Get Organised!
Back to School, Back to Work.... New rosters, New calendars, New times, and New routines!Sound like your place? It's certainly mine and keeping on top of it can be tricky if you let it get away from you.
So whilst the New Year is till upon us why not take advantage of the time and get de-cluttered, and super organised with some of these helpful decorating tips centred in and around maximising your organistaion for what's ahead this year!
Some of these projects can be done in an evening or across a weekend. 
So put on your 'tidy' hat and get cracking! S x
Make the Space Work for You! Whether you have an excess of square footage or are cramped into a too-small space, there are inventive ways to squeeze out useful organization from your home. In a centrally located spot such as a kitchen, a small stretch of wall offers a precious few inches for a family organization spot. Give each person their own slot, or include a message board with important reminders.
Find a version 'here' at Pottery Barn
Increase Visibility; Staying organized depends on knowing what you have and where it is; that way, you won’t purchase duplicates or waste time searching for what you need. Putting items on display, such as the narrower shelves filled with shoes, is a great organizational technique to help achieve this goal.
Maximise Accessibility - Maximise the Closet Space 
Helping your family stay organized depends on kids and parents being able to use whatever system you have in place. For kids especially, that means ensuring access to all the daily-use items that they can be in charge of, such as clothes and toys. Revamping closets with multi-height rods and storing seasonal clothes within their reach is a great organizational technique. Clothes they’ll grow into or use in different weather can be stashed in up-high, out-of-reach spaces.
Make It Pretty: It’s so much easier to maintain an organization system if it’s one that you love to look at. Invest in pretty containers , jars, clips and hangers; choose a color scheme; and spend time thinking how your organization can and should be part of your decor.
Organize by Person or Function: Bins, baskets, hooks, and containers all lend themselves to a simple but underused organization technique: labeling. Handwritten or computer-generated, labels can quickly help you and your family sort, store, and find what you need. Try labels in an entryway, on shelves, and in the kitchen.
Mix Storage Types. Organization options are much more limited if you have just one type of storage - all drawers or open shelves, for example. The most clean-looking, hardworking spaces have a little bit of everything: baskets and bins to hide less visually pleasing elements, open shelves for easy access, and higher-up storage for things that aren’t used as frequently.
subtext - images via bhg, pinterest, houzz

09 January, 2015

5 Closets That Aren't Closets Anymore

These DIYers found extra living space in their home's smallest spots. This article originally appeared on GoodHousekeeping.com
It's unlikely that you lament about having too much closet space in your home, but have you ever considered what you might gain from repurposing one altogether? We know, scandalous. But for these smart bloggers, transforming a closet was the key to a more organized, productive and beautiful home.
Is one of these creative rooms hiding in your house right now? Just imagine it..
If you can't dedicate a full room to a workspace, follow Christina's lead at #No. 29 Design. Floating shelves, chalkboard paint, and sconces turned her standard closet into a super-functional office.
Tanya at Dans Le Lakehouse didn't want to lose all of her closet's storage space, but craved a way to create a more spacious, friendly office. Now, her colorful filing cabinet and boxes look charming next to a quaint bench where she can consult paperwork, flip through a book, and stow extra supplies under the seat..
Before they're old enough to fill closets with clothes and shoes, kids will love sneaking into a DIY nook for reading and playing, like this one from Balancing Home.
Shoes, coats, and bags have a way of piling up in an entryway, never quite making it to the closet. If that's the case in your home, consider what Anu did at Nalle's House: Ditching the closet door and hanging hooks, baskets, and a bench instead.
If your sewing and crafting projects commandeer the dining room table, move everything to a closet, like Kim at Oh, Sweet Joy did. Worried about losing the storage space? Consider how this strategy might control your DIY clutter better than before.
Happy New Year!
It's been a little bit since my last post - loads has happened in the meantime. And needless to say very happy to be back and share with you some amazing articles, images, house snooping and of course across the Palatial Living - decorating & style!
Sarah x  #palatialliving
article & images via HouseBeautiful.com

06 September, 2013

Coastal Cool...



Just a couple of fresh, coastal cool inspired images I wanted,  
to share with you from my Palatial Living Pinterest file.

03 September, 2013

Deck-Ready for Spring Summer

Maybe your space is smaller than you'd like, making it a challenge to include gardens and a deck. Perhaps your yard is awkwardly arranged, leaving you little room for formal outdoor areas. Or possibly you have plenty of flowerbeds but little leftover space to place an outdoor table and chairs.  Whatever the reason, if you find yourself with big-deck dreams but small-deck constraints, we've got advice. To make the most of small-deck design ideas, rethink your square footage with smart ideas to make the best use of the space you have.

1. Evaluate your needs. Your lifestyle can and should play a huge part in any small-deck design ideas. Before you do anything, think about how you currently use your outdoor space and how you'd like to use it. For example, if you regularly gather family and friends for meals, then you'll want to maximize deck area for seating as well as include a spot for a grill. But if you have a large lawn for playing and relaxing, a deck might serve a whole different purpose in your daily life -- solitary reading of the paper, for example.

2. Maintain the proper scale. Before you begin sorting through small-deck designs, think about scale. Your small deck should feel as though it maintains consistent proportion to both the yard and your home. Too small or too big, and either landscape or the small deck will feel overwhelmed.
 3. Establish a connection from house to deck and deck to yard.
Nothing makes a small deck look more awkward than a design that looks out of place with its surroundings. One of the keys in successful small-deck design ideas is to ensure that the style, materials, and shape feel in sync with both your home and your landscape. You'll also want to create a small-deck design that encourages an efficient, natural flow between inside and outside. For example, if doors to your kitchen lead to a side yard, that unexpected spot might be the best place for a small deck.
4. Think in levels and curves.Often times, homeowners let difficult yard situations, such as an awkward slope, discourage them from including a small deck. But decks, even in a minuscule yard or space, can be a great way to conquer those landscape demons. For example, a stepped-down small-deck design can provide multiple levels for gathering, serve for different functions, and help you get rid of grass that never grows or cover a slope that always erodes. A curved small-deck design might help you squeeze a few extra square feet (as well as a secluded nook) out of a tiny landscape.
5. Provide visual relief. On small-deck designs, there's less space to distract the eye, so the details take on heightened significance. Think overhead, on the sides, and underfoot. Try an arbor to create a cosier structure (and provide supports for flowering vines). Distinguished rails offer visual relief, as do rail planters and metal accents. A deck floor in a pattern such as basket weave or one set on a diagonal creates interest.

6. Offer storage.Just because your deck maybe small doesn't mean it shouldn't work hard. Much like shelves, hooks, and drawers in the tiniest linen closet, there are multiple ways to put your small-deck design to work. Think of built-in seating with lids that flip up to hide outdoor cushions and toys. If your small deck is elevated, try hidden storage underneath for seasonal furniture.
7. Include plantings.Whether they're in containers or between the small deck and the rest of your landscape, flowers, trees, and shrubs are key to melding deck with yard. Use small shrubs to disguise footings, posts, and corners; trees to offer shade; and flowers to connect with gardens elsewhere in the yard.
8. Finish it off. Just because your deck may be on the small size doesn't mean you should pay less attention to the final flourishes. Plan for convenient outlets. Choose complementary fabrics and furniture that enhance the design of the small deck and your outdoor living space. Do what you can to create a space that feels comfortable and welcoming.
So here's 8 Great Deck Ideas to help you get your deck ready for spring summer for some fabulous entertaining & relaxing over the upcoming longer warmer days.
Spend a couple of weekends getting it right & you'll enjoy it for the long run!

images via pinterest and sub text via daily inspiration bhg.com

Long Time No-See ...

Hi There! Long time no see!
Wow, a break away from PL has seemed way to long - now I am back and it's like an old friend that doesn't count the time. The best kind. How have you been keeping?
Loving this Hampton's inspired pool house here - with Spring about to go into full steam ahead I thought it's be refreshing to look at this gorgeous pool scape.

23 May, 2013

Palatial Comfort With Style, Without Pretention.

I feel like this could be one home here with this cool, serene, fresh palette.
I adore the use of line - flooring, panel walls, and ceilings; and naked metal work lighting.
A 'homely' comfort-ability without pretention or preciousness - whilst holding an air of style makes these spaces work - for contemporary living.
I just love them... selfishly I wanted to share them with you.

images via pinterest - via house - sonia rinaldi

18 May, 2013

Want To Be An Interior Stylist?


I've recently been looking at the Coco Republic Design School for a few master classes & online study and found it also offers online design courses for us class and distance challenged, here's a few details of the online courses I thought I would share with you...
Have you been thinking of studying but can't commit to classes after work or juggling family life.... or maybe you live too far away be it throughout Australia, or a beloved Ex-pat throughout South East Asia, Europe or the States, to make it to Coco’s Sydney studios?
This inspirational course will give you a thorough understanding of the key concepts and terms used by professional interior decorators, with an insight into colour schemes, soft furnishings, window coverings, lighting and more. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to advise customers on interior design projects, including recommending soft furnishings and design decorations to a project brief. Create mood, colour and materials’ boards with professional panache and graduate with your own portfolio to entice future clients or employers.
Course duration guide is: Approx. 18 weeks, 6-8 hours a week, with a Max 12 months to complete the course.Better yet this course gains TAFE credits: LMFID4003A, LMFID4005A & LMFSF3011B
By the end of this course you'll have the ability to understand how to effectively combine colour by creating colour harmonies. We'll give you the confidence to create an interior colour palette for any project and you'll gain a deep understanding of how colour can alter our perception of an interior space as well as being able to 'read' the interaction of light with your colour choices. And to top it all, you'll leave with a beautiful portfolio piece demonstrating how well you have answered a colour consulting client brief.This course gains TAFE credit: LMFID4001A

Coco Republic Design School launched its first online courses in January [this year 2013] and it has been going from strength to strength...

This initiative & partnership by Coco Republic Design School and Design Centre Enmore, offers accredited learning online in a truly flexible and incredibly dynamic new learning environment.
Two of the school’s courses are currently available: Interior Decoration Essentials and Colour for Interiors.Interior Decoration Essentials will cost $1,750 (and is $1,000 less than attending the course in person) not bad...
Stay tuned for more updates....or contact the school and get your next step to being an interior colour & design stylist - moving!

It's Friday x

Wow! What a week... between meetings, chats, discussions, and many phone messages I am officially exhausted! How about you?
Although my week was interesting to say the least much of it very positive - I am super happy to say 'Happy Friday' and Hello!!! - to the weekend!
Thank you for popping by at Palatial Living this week... over the course of the weekend and the upcoming several months I am about to embark on an exciting new phase & project - with one of Australia's leading aspirational & well established - home wares & furniture retailer not to mention, property styling interior design and design school leaders in the Australian market place - where I trust that many of my ex-pat friends and Palatial Living lovers of these circles will follow - and contact me.
Ohhh the suspense... I am very excited!
Have super Friday evening and great weekend.
I have a few projects to post upon so will see you soon!
image via pinterest

13 May, 2013

French Hamptons Inspired Palatial Pin & Memo Board...


An update from my last memo pin board 'Drab to Fab Gorgeous Office PinBoard', I needed a family memo/ pin board for our kitchen that was conducive to the colour palette of our open kitchen & living room plan.
Our walls are painted in 1/4 tint Dulux Hog Bristle and Doors/ Trims & Skirts are in Taubmans 'Natural White'. So what to do?
I found 2 over sized tea towels from our local  discount department & grocery store, in a similar colour to our walls with a little depth - sandy taupe and off white - the fabric - a cotton sateen French Wedgewood Ticking Stripe [this means that there is a large block stripe and smaller stripes to create a pattern - not just a regular stripe like that of a 'regular' ticking stripe'].
I sewed the tea towels together with creating an open 'French' seam.
Lining the front side of dowdy cork pin board with a layer of wadding and spray adhesive, I then used my trusty stapled gun pulling the joined tea towels tautly over the front of the board and securing each side with the staple gun.
Using a tonal &  complimentary grosgrain ribbon I wove  [under and over] the 'diamond' trellis ribbon. At each cross point you can then add a pearl pin or an upholstery nail head to secure the points to add your memos!
This is a super economic and chic way to update a boring old cork board. I am slightly addicted to stripes but a floral, or small chintz pattern could also work just as well. Using tea towels can be a fun way to fin different prints and patterns, more often they can be less expensive than buying by the metre, and if it's for a kitchen - like mine was - it's a little secret play-on for decorating!
Have fun with it - love to see your memo / pin board updates.
Email your pics to me sarah.verity@verandahhomeliving.biz I would love to post a blog on all your great Palatial Pin Boards!

images via www.verandahhomeliving.biz , sarah verity


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