10 December, 2010

Hand-made Love: A Bit of Festive Sewing...

I'm steadily getting through a mini-production line of making personalised Christmas Stockings & Santa Sacks for our little family... I have gone with a red, white, eggshell & oyster/ taupe colour. That way if I inject anther colour one year they will all still coordinate! I played with the idea of buying online - but then checked out my fabric & trim stash and forgot how much I really had tucked away!
So I'm at the 'embellishment' stage now, then final construction will happen & then all to do is hang! And being a little ahead of myself [this breaks my auspicious tendencies] I have made 1 extra stocking and 1 extra Santa sack for someone [another baby] we hope to have in the future - not yet though, and will hold off embellishing until we know his or her personality & of course name!
Will post more pics with the finished goods are up & hanging too - not too far away now! Enjoy,



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