10 December, 2010

Festive Friday!

My vased magnolia branches from my previous Christmas vignette have wilted in this steamy summer heat we're having here in Sydney... So I asked my husband, Matthew, if he could pick up some 'sticks' for a new Christmas vignette I wanted to [re]create. He asked what 'kind of sticks?' - I said '...you know the bush walking kind  - long , sturdy and have a few nodules on them...'. And off he went with baby Isabelle strapped to his chest in the Bjorn and two poochies on leads in tow!
Well, he came back triumphant and with super sized 'sticks'- these weren't sticks but huge dead gum tree branches! Actually much better than I had hoped for [sorry honey!] their length was wonderfully in proportion to our 10ft ceilings - so I have rejigged a little Festive display.
No doubt - like me - you too have a socially chaotic weekend - maybe a spot of present shopping too, especially with only 2 weeks left till Christmas! Wherever you are & Whatever you're up to I hope you have a wonderful Festive weekend! Thanks again for joining me at Palatial Living this week.

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