17 December, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

A number of friends have been asking me to post some photos up of our tree and some of the presents I have already wrapped and there are many more toys for little girls, including for our Isabelle, to wrap yet!
Each year we have a 'live' tree - I can't go past the smell of the pine... despite some of the initial mishaps each year in getting it to stand up! We each have special ornaments with our names - a new addition is for Miss Isabelle, and each year since we have been married I have ensured to collect a 'year ornament' [i.e. 2010]. My mother-in-law loves Christmas and collects special ornaments from each city & country she has visited - there are a lot of pretty ones! 
This year I have coordinated some of my gift tags with my wooden heart ornaments to add a folkloric feel. None the less I'm very pleased with our little tree...Hope you like it too.


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