30 September, 2010

So True...

I love the smell of the paper in my new issue of Habitus [Living in Design] magazine, I can't help flicking the pages to get that fresh printed paper scent! Well we all have our'thing'/  But what really caught me as I have been perusing through my Habitus mag is the stunning & stirringly simple truth of Paola Atonelli's statement - ...'Good design is a Renaissance attitude that combines technology, human need and beauty.' What a pertinent and wonderful way of looking at design in a contemporary and multi faceted approach. It's also a concise beautiful & positive statement on design.
Maybe that statement applies to my husband's and my professions or marriage of minds - he's a software developer & IT consultant, and me - well you know I what do! What are your thoughts on Atonelli's statement?

Note. Paola Antonelli is considered by some a design expert and was recently rated as one of the top one hundred most powerful people in the world of art by Art Review. She is a Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art.

House Snoop....Architectural & Retailing History

 A peculiar week where I found it a little tricky to find a home for 'House Snoop' that was Palatial Living worthy - hence a day later in the week for this post... Maybe I was being incredibly picky this week, and maybe I expected more 'wow' homes to be on the market now that 'Spring' real estate is open season! But the good news is that I did find a home that has an incredible history and a Palatial outlook! This magnificent home 'Highlands' in Wahroonga on Sydney's leafy Upper North Shore was built by [John] Horbury Hunt for retailing merchant Alfred James Hordern, and his wife Caroline, and I had to delve into it more...
You see I grew up with tales of Anthony Hordern and the Anthony Hordern's Department store from my Grandmother whose own Grandmother was involved in a family business, J.Robins & Sons [shoe makers of Australian brands Sandler & Red Robins, & now other labels such as Jane Debster etc.] in-turn used to frequent the Sydney society balls with the Hordens, the Grace Brothers and another big retailer of the time The Foy's of Mark Foy's department store. I have an old Horden's powder & hosiery box from my Great Great Grandmother which I keep special old ribbons in. Take a look and see what you think...


Agent's Blurb... Luschwitz
'Highlands' - a fine residence by famed architect John Horbury Hunt
In a whisper quiet east side location just minutes walk to [private schools] Abbotsleigh, Knox, village shops and the train station. Private 3,585M (approx 1 acre) grounds with room for tennis court, pool and plenty of space for children to play. Built for Alfred James Hordern, a retail merchant, and his wife Caroline, Highlands is one of the finest examples of Horbury Hunt"s shingled homes, characterised by recessed verandahs, large timber pillars, fine brick chimney stacks and pyramidal roof lines.
The house features high ceilings, polished timber floors, open fireplaces, a grand staircase and gracious formal rooms. Many original fixtures and fittings are retained, including unique stained glass windows. The original staff quarters now house a modern kitchen, laundry and informal dining area. Other structures on the property include a long shed, extra large two car garage and a wishing well. This well-maintained family home is surrounded by beautiful established gardens and several patios, which offer peaceful, private settings for entertaining and relaxing.
First time offered in over 30 years. A once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a historically significant family home.

Domain.com.au Property ID: 2008227858

Images via Domain.com.au & Luschwitz

108 Years...

A magnificent milestone happens today that our family can share together -  it's my husband's great-grandmother, and my daughter Isabelle's great-great grandmother, Caroline's 108th Birthday today! Now this is a simple luxury - to be able to share this day with 5 generations...
Here's to wishing Caroline [Carrie], also known to almost everyone as Mum, Nana, Auntie Carrie,  & Nana Earl, a very Happy 108th Birthday today with much love & many blessings. S xxx

image via vi.sualize.us

Loving...Simple Luxuries

I'm loving my recent issue of Habitus magazine issue 09 October -December '10. The main story is on 'Simple Luxuries' ...which made me further consider what are my 'simple' 'luxuries'? It's almost an oxymoron in that are luxuries simple? And can anything that's simple be a luxury? What do you think?
I would put these 'thing's into my list of 'simple luxuries' - spending time with my husband & daughter without laptops & mobile phones, large cakes of french milled soap [preferably gardenia], fresh sheets, breakfast at a cafe when it's sunny, a glass of chilled verdelho on a warm spring or summer afternoon, a warmed desert in front of an open fire, having a head massage, wandering around the art gallery on a weekday afternoon - and so, so, so many more things...
What about you? What makes a simple luxury for you? S x

29 September, 2010

for my friend. x

For my friend Carolyn, a very old friend - we've known each other since Grade 5 at school!  She's a little under the weather at the moment and with less than 8 weeks till her [second] baby arrives the home stretch is nigh!
Hope you're feeling on the mend really soon Caz. Thinking of you. S xxx

Image via vi.sualize.us

28 September, 2010

An Organised Linen Press...

Not sure about you - but I love to tidy, clean and organise [even more so if I'm stressed!] and nothing is more attractive in the 'organisation world' than beautifully presented cupboards! My favourites are linen presses & wardrobes! But I find sometimes I do have 'too much stuff' I have a huge penchant for cushion covers - a mix of ones I've made and ones I bought, sheets and duvet sets! I love this linen press where it is colour coordinating, skillfully labeled and presented as you would find it in a boutique.
Having worked in retail [clothing & homewares] through the end of high school & university years you do get a knack for folding 'the right way' and keeping a keen eye on presentation. Visual merchandising can be applied through out your home and is often most successful when you allow for & create space around the object or items, and when there's a sense of unity.
Do you have a few shelves, drawers or cupboards that could do with a 'presenation' tidy up?
Here's a great article I found on this exact subject I though I'd share with you by Stephanie Winston, author of Getting Out From Under: Redefining Your Priorities in an Overwhelming World ($13, Perseus, amazon.com).
Plunge In
If you're as worried about guests seeing your clean laundry as you are the dirty, it's probably time to reorganize your linen closet. It's easy to accumulate a large collection of worn-out and mismatched linens that crowd shelves in towering heaps, so jammed together that when you tug at one towel or reach for that mauve twin sheet, everything comes tumbling down.
But you don't have to resign yourself to balancing a swaying pile of laundry with one arm while stemming an avalanche with the other. Whipping a linen closet into shape is easy and a good way to feel you have at least one thing under control.

Sort and Organize
Sort all your towels and sheets to determine which are worth keeping and which should go to charity, your cleaning-supply closet (as rags), or your kid's toy chest (for making tents and Halloween costumes).
Try to limit yourself to three sets of sheets per bed and as few as three sets of bath sheets or towels, hand towels, and washcloths per person (more if you change towels daily, fewer if the men in your household have never picked up a washcloth). This gives you one set in use, one in the hamper, and one in the closet ready for action. You'll need only one or two sets for guests (one on the bed and one in the hamper or closet).

Resist the temptation to hoard extra sets for emergencies. "Anytime you get a new set, retire an old one," says Stephanie Winston, author of Getting Out From Under: Redefining Your Priorities in an Overwhelming World ($13, Perseus, amazon.com).

27 September, 2010

a bit flat...

I have to apologise for today's posting I'm very tired today - no doubt from the big event we had on the weekend... and for some reason a little flat too. I'm sure I'll pick back up for tomorrow for a more inspired & positive post! See you tomorrow. S x

image via vi.sualize.us

24 September, 2010

Happy Friday Fruit!

- Tasmanian Pears -
Salamanca Markets, Hobart TAS
Happy Friday - I can't believe it's already Friday! Wow what a great week it's been... I wanted to share with you a photo I took whilst visiting the Salamanca Markets - the same fruit grower that had those delicious Apples, also had these devine Pears. I think Pears would have to be one of my favourite fruits...so much so I used them [Brown Barlett Pears] as part of the table decor at our wedding some years back now!
The week has not finished yet - we have a big weekend with the preparations and Christening on Sunday for our little Isabelle [now 5 months - the time has flown - out the window!]. So we're all quite excited for her big day, it's set to be amazing sunny, warm Sydney Spring weather and with her four Godparents to stand up & pledge for her, and of course all our lovely family & friends coming together to help celebrate. And I just love Isabelle's gown and after-party gown! Will be sure to post some pics next week some time...  
What are you doing this weekend? Whatever it is I hope it's fabulous!
Thank You for visiting Palatial Living this week - I love hearing from you, please don't be shy & drop me a line when you can! Enjoy. S xxx

Happy Birthday, to my lovely Friend x

Beautiful Sweet Peas.
Wishing my lovely friend Anne, a very Happy Birthday today!
Anne has become a wonderful [new] friend since we met at our little girls 'BabyRoo' classes and found out we had a lot in common - amongst many other things - her little girl Jasmine & my little Isabelle are only 2 weeks apart; and we only lived a few blocks away from one another! What a wonderful small world we live in. So a Big Happy Birthday wish to Anne for fabulous day & thank you for the past several months of friendship, and to many more ahead! S xx

Image via Country Living

23 September, 2010

A Mile Stone & A Big Thank You...

I am so very happy - Palatial Living has reached over 45,000 visitors!
I remember when I started this blog, a few years ago, thinking I was only talking to myself,  and was anyone really reading this? I was just so happy when 1 or 2 people stopped by and made a comment here and there!
A BIG Thank You  to YOU, for following an visiting my blog, I don't think I can describe how it makes me feel knowing I have such lovely followers & supporters both in & out of the design community. Here's To You. S xxx

22 September, 2010

Behind Design... Awe-Inspired*

Just returned home from the evening seminar, Behind Design, held at ISCD, and feel completely awe-inspired by the talks of  Judith Briggs, Jason Grant, Sarah Estens & Shannon Fricke!

Jason [Grant] mentioned this is one of his fave stories
 in the recent 'Real Living' October 2010 issue.

Lucky Girl - Jason kindly signed my copy of Real Living
magazine October 2010 issue [on sale now].
Before the talks began I was lucky enough to catch up with a number of wonderful people, Julie Blackmore - who is a Dulux Colour Consultant, former ISCD educator, and who is the secretary of the Queensland divison of The Colour Society Australia. I also got to catch up and chat with my lovely [former] ISCD educator Cherie Karlsson, who in her own right is an amazing designer|colour consultant & architect.  I also had a great chinwag with one of the speakers, Judith Briggs - who is an interior designer & colour consultant, as well ad the NSW Division Chairperson for The Colour Society of Australia. I always find it fascinating talking with other professionals, especially those who have achieved so much so well - it's a privilege and a great opportunity to soak it all up. We got to talking about blogging, facebook and twitter - and how fabulous design communities can be & brought together through technology and how it can really raise awareness for groups, make a presence for individuals and how quickly trends can start, follow, and die! After chatting with Judith hopefully there's somewhere I can help The Colour Society Australia [NSW] become more viral with getting active messages to members and potential members through Twitter, FB and Blogs!
Shannon [Fricke] kindly signed my Sept-Oct 2009
issue of Inside Out magazine - Palatial Living blogged about
this cover & editorial styling Shannon did called
'Once more with feeling - Shannon's Way' back in August 2009.

Thanks Shannon!  Shannon signed my recent copy of
Inside Out Magazine Sept-Oct 2010 issue.

Needless to say I loved hearing from all the speakers, of whom I got to meet afterwards - Judith [Briggs] discussed her interior & colour design work in the commercial world taking us through the 'heaven & hell' experiences of working with clients; Jason [Grant] took us through a wonderful lead up & steps to how a stylist gets a [magazine] shoot done & dusted from a art & editorial brief;  Sarah [Estens] from Frost* showed us her amazing 'branded' world of environmental & spatial design with some of the commissions that they have tendered for & worked on - in particular with Fraser's Property Group; and Shannon [Fricke] imparted her personal story - sharing her 'creative leap' about to getting her message of design out there, in publishing, & her books. Thanks to ISCD [Prue, Luke, Nikki, Elodie, Peter, & Jess] for putting on a wonderful evening - the guest speakers just keep getting better!
All facets of this creative map - are awe-inspiring and show you that there are so many ways to make your creative mark in this world of ours... just get to it! Start today! S x

21 September, 2010

Loving...H&G October issue & Katherine Rally Textiles x

Australian House & Garden, October 2010 issue
Loving  few things at the moment, especially the rush of October interior mags that have landed in my mail box over the past few weeks...In particular I love Australian House & Garden's October 2010 issue cover of a transformed narrow Melbourne cottage into a bright, sub-tropical oasis, featuring a pergola made from salvaged black butt, set upon a deck of yellow stringy bark, the lush black clumping bamboo provides another colourful addition to the outdoor space as does the gorgeous cushions from the Katherine Rally collection!
Congratulations to Katherine & Rally Dupps for this fabulous exposure! Who are also lovely Palatial Living friends & fans! I have so many more ideas and things to share with you I may be on a blog-rush, shortly after my mag-rush intergestion! Enjoy. S x

Australian House & Garden, October 2010 cover

Katherine Rally Textiles. Pondicherry in Tangerine
- Cotton/Linen. Available in 18" x 18", 18" x 30" and 24" x 24"
(pillow covers do not include inserts).

Katherine Rally Textiles. Stripes in Tangerine- Cotton/Linen
Available in 18" x 18", 18" x 30" and 24" x 24"
(pillow covers do not include inserts)

Katherine Rally Textiles. Pondicherry in
Pink Coral - Cotton/Linen. Available in 18" x 18", 18" x 30" and 24" x 24"
(pillow covers do not include inserts).

Images via Katherine Rally Textiles & Australian House & Garden. Styling - Judy Ostergaard | Photography - Derek Swalwell. Australian House & Garden October 2010 issue is on sale now!
For more of Katherine Rally Textiles please visit their website HERE, or if your in Sydney,Australia - you can purchase their fabulous pieces from My Island Home, Double Bay.

20 September, 2010

Happy Monday! x

Happy Monday!
Make your week a happy one in whatever you do - big or small, by design or not!
Enjoy. S x

Images via 1] vi.sualize.us; and 2] Roland Bello 

Behind Design...

I'm looking forward to attending a seminar, 'Behind Design', at ISCD [International School of Colour & Design] this week...I think it's so important to consistently & constantly educate yourself through courses, seminars, talks or professional network evenings - there's always something to learn from others, especially those who you admire, or have excelled in something that you hope to too!
Amongst a great line up of designers, I am looking forward to meeting 'the' Mr Jason Grant of Real Living magazine styling fame [and so much more], and I really like his stylish on-trend blog it's a great read -  visit 'mrjasongrant'.

Jason Grant - Freelance Stylist

I am most excited about is the opportunity to meet a designer whose work I have admired for some time - Shannon Fricke. You may be familiar with her work for uber-stylish & on-trend Australian design mag 'Inside-Out'; or her fabulous TV shows on Australian cable channel 'The Lifestyle Channel', or her publishing prowess with several great design, colour & style books out; or a fan of her blog? And yet I have probably only touched the surfaced of her multi-faceted talented design life! I also love that she is an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother & a pet owner - amongst other things. Well here's hoping I get a chance to meet her, and maybe my copy of her book signed! For more of Shannon's work visit her blog & website.
If you're in Sydney this week  & you're interested in design and would like to hear some industry people chat about their work - 'Behind Design' - head to  ISCD (International School Of Colour and Design in Sydney) webiste HERE. The dates are 22nd & 23rd September. The session for Thursday 23rd September is Sold Out. Hurry!

18 September, 2010

A Little Delicious Gift...

A Big Thank You to my lovely [new] friend, Anne and her darling little girl Jasmine [Isabelle's new friend - they are only 2 weeks apart!] for a delicious surprise gift, of Anne's home-baked choc chip biscuits, left on our front step tied up with ribbon and a white paper bag! Needless to say they were absolutely scrumptious with my afternoon coffee today! In honour of Anne's biscuits here's one I also make but try not to that often because I eat them! Thank You Anne. S xxx
Sarah's Walnut & Choc Chip Biscuit [Cookies]Preparation Time15 minutes
Cooking Time  20 minutes
Makes for approx. 20 biscuits

125g butter, softened
100g (1/2 cup, firmly packed) brown sugar
1 egg, at room temperature
225g (1 1/2 cups) plain flour
200g good-quality dark cooking chocolate, coarsely chopped
150g (1 1/2 cups) walnut halves, coarsely chopped

Preheat oven to 180°C. Line 2 baking trays with non-stick baking paper.
Use an electric beater to beat butter and sugar in a medium bowl until well combined. Add the egg and beat until combined. Sift the flour over the butter mixture and stir with a wooden spoon until well combined. Add the chocolate and walnuts, and stir to combine.
Use your hands to roll tablespoonful of the cookie mixture into balls. Place the balls, 3cm apart, on prepared trays. Use a fork to flatten slightly. Bake in preheated oven, swapping the trays halfway through cooking, for 20 minutes or until light golden. Remove from oven and set aside to cool on the trays for 5 minutes. Transfer cookies to a wire rack to cool completely.

Note: Nuts & Milk Chocolate - substitute another nut type if you don't fancy walnuts - macadamias, or peanuts are very nice in this recipe. The same goes with milk chocolate - change it to white or dark chocolate and mix it up cafe style!

Check out this fab website La Tertine Gourmande for gluten /wheat free cookies! My sister will love it! x

Happy Weekend!

There's nothing like the 1st Spring Picnic...it's like a promise for summer. Here in Sydney it's gloriously beautiful warm sunny weather, and spending an afternoon in the park is such a wonderful thing to do when combined with family, friends and a delicious smattering of food & drink!

This weekend we're cheering BIG for my sister-in-law Kylie [Verity] who is running in the [Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival] Sydney Marathon. She's trained amazingly hard and gone through some excruciating physio therapy & point therapy. Tomorrow it's on - she's running for a fantastic non-profit charity organisation called 'CanToo' who raise money to help researchers find a cure for cancer. If you or your family has been touched by cancer, or you'd like to sponsor Kylie in the Sydney Marathon please CLICK HERE and enter her name. You can sponsor Kylie up to 1 month after tomorrow's event. Thank You! 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend... Enjoy. S xxx

images via vi.sualize.us

16 September, 2010

House Snoop...'Hill House'

I love this home's Hampton's style - from the colouring , to the enveloping front verandah, to the home's monogram 'HH' on the double front doors, combined with it's beachside location and it's overall presence - where else would you look! It is indeed a very stylish, elegantly classic home. I'm not sure how long this home has been on the market as I remember seeing it in my 'house snoop' travels nearly a year ago...so I am surprised it hasn't been snatched up yet! Take a look...

Agent's Blurb - "Hill House" - A Classic Hamptons Style Home
Only a short stroll to the vibrant seaside village of Avalon, prominently positioned Hill House sits on one of Avalon's prime pieces of real estate. 
With an impressive 80 metre frontage this landmark home is nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac. Covered verandahs, generous timber framed windows, and New Zealand milled weatherboard cladding, define the exterior of the house. Built by master craftsmen, this exceptional home features soaring cathedral ceilings and open rafters and beams. In the living room, bi-fold joinery doors open to create an indoor-outdoor area ... perfect for summer entertaining!

The spacious 'open floor plan' includes a bespoke kitchen with marble bench-tops and high end european appliances. The Master bedroom is breathtaking! Open rafter ceilings, a luxurious en-suite, walk in closets, and dramatic treetop and district views.


 Other features include:
* Red ironbark floorboards and decking
* Mother of Pearl & Sons hardware
* Select imported American lighting
* Extensive storage
* Timber balusters
* Circular driveway 
View: By Appointment 
  • Close to Transport
  • Ensuite
  • Balcony
  • Courtyard
  • Storage
  • Built-In-Robes
  • Decking
  • Dishwasher
  • Gas
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Lounge
  • North aspect
  • Outdoor Living
  • Polished Hardwood Floors
  • Remote Control Garaging
  • Walk-In-Robes

 Property ID: 2008197719


Images via Domain.com.au

Two Favourite Things...

I love this image {that I found over at gorgeous blog 'Santa Barbara| Chic' by Kelly Oshiro} these would have to be two of my favourite things, aside from daughter & husband, family & pets, oh and some jewels, and  a few pieces of art-work, and maybe a just a few more things!
What are two of your favourite things? Can you limit it to just two! S x

14 September, 2010

Light & Bright...

Lately I have been looking for desks for a client request - her two girls, one in high school and the other about to enter high school, need a new study desk solution. I have conducted a pretty thorough search an found many individual desks and a couple of long/share type desks...hence the inspiration for this image.  Design problem - they are moving so it can't be a built in cabinetry number [maybe in the next house they have].
All the same this look would be easy to carry out - a bench top to measure/ fit and a favourite chest of drawers centred to share - such as here, either end can be propped by support legs to fit the height of the drawers. Voila!
I love the lightness & brightnees, and the accented touch of cherry red amongst it all... notice the painted floors, the stainless steel dual lamp and function of the space - these elements ensure to keep it contemporary not dull. S x

Image via myhomeideas.com 

13 September, 2010

Love & Clutter...

I love this little yellow weathered & loved
stool, playfully holding the 'Love & Clutter'
store cards.
 A great store find in Hobart [Tasmania] Love & Clutter I stumbled upon on Murray Street whilst en-route to brunch on holiday... This lovely store has an eclectic mix of [new] hand-made locally crafted items and re-purposed pieces, along side local designers, Ruby Victoria Letterpress, Notions lovely fashion accessories and Little Black Crows very cute little stuffed bunnies and other creatures. Those who know me & follow this blog would understand, naturally I was instantly drawn to their window display with their typographic '&' character on their store cards, timber characters and store bags. The I dug a little deeper and found that my talented blog friend Narelle who runs & owns 'Ruby Victoria Letterpress' is behind the 'Love & Clutter' logo card 'commission! Well done! So if you're visiting Hobart be sure to check out 'Love & Clutter' located 31 Murray Street, Hobart Tasmania. Enjoy. S x
Love & Clutter's store window - with handmade rag dolls
on display made for Love & Clutter by Jess Brown.
The Love & Clutter stylish re-usable store bag,
I missed out this time so will
have to go back to get one!

To contact Jess Brown for any of her gorgeous & unique rag dolls - visit her blog HERE
To view & order Narelle's fabulous letterpress & linoprint pieces visit 'Ruby Victoria Letter Press' store on Etsy.com or via her blog 'Ruby Victoria'.

10 September, 2010

Happy Friday! Fruit for Friday x

Here's to your 'healthy' Friday... Fruit for Friday! On our holiday, visiting the Salamanca Markets there's an abundance of fresh produce from the growers market area. Here are some photos I took of these Tasmanian varieties of apples, hence the namesake  'The Apple Isle', the grower of the market stall told me that come October [Spring] they can have up to and sometime over 30 vvarieties of apples, from super crisp & hard to soft & juicy, for eating alone or purely cooking, and cider - so many! 
Welcome to my newest Palatial Living Follower Fans [I am honoured you have made this your blog to follow & joined me here] & Thank You for stopping by Palatial Living this week. Hope you have a great weekend, Take Care & Enjoy! S x

House Snoop...Glamarama at Tamarama.

This week's Mid Week House Snoop has been relegated to the 'End Week House Snoop'! Not the same ring I know but look at this way - all the open for inspections & auctions will be for the weekend - Saturday! Aside, this superbly stylish Palatial home is located in Sydney's eastern beachside suburb of Tamarama, and from the images you can see why it's a Palatial Living pick. The Agent's blurb mentions it was featured 'seen in [Australian] House & Garden' but I can't seem to locate it in any my copies - maybe a Palatial follower knows which issue it was in? Let me know! Other than the stunning view - I love the dining & lounge rooms with oversize drum pendants & working period fireplaces! Enjoy. x

Agent's Blurb - McGrath.com.au
 Sophisticated living in a family home by the sea

This exceptional residence offers a lifestyle of absolute peace and privacy over three spacious levels. Dominated by panoramic views across the rugged cliffs to the turquoise ocean horizon, a pleasant short stroll to Tamarama, Bronte and Bondi Beaches.
Effortlessly integrating period charm and contemporary chic
An intuitively versatile plan ensures maximum flexibility
Offering a choice of formal and informal entertaining areas
Ornate ceilings and fireplaces in several of the rooms
Luxurious kitchen boasts CaesarStone benches, walk-in pantry
Lower level retreat, or fourth bedroom/guest residence
Vast sunwashed entertaining terraces, garden courtyard
Games room, wine cellar, deluxe bathrooms, huge storage
Over-sized lock-up garage with access from Dellview Lane
Only a breath to the rolling surf, as seen in 'House and Garden'
Property ID: 2008510490

Images via Domain.com.au & McGrath.com.au


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