19 October, 2010

Clever Storage...

Do you have [internal] stairs and unused space under them? Sometimes our furry 'kids' are left out when thinking about storage for 'their stuff' - I thought this was a clever idea for redundant under-stair space when there's not enough room for a door  & return. So why not install some deep or shallow drawers to house the leads, toys, 'wag-wear' jumpers or coats and food. If you're a hair/fur-free home then this could also be a super place to house board games, console equipment & remotes for the Wii and Xbox/ PS etc.
Has this given you a clever idea for storage for your [under] staircase space? Drop me a line & let me know - love to hear from you... S x


  1. love this idea, i currently have a harry potter style cupboard under my stairs (which my 4yr old loves lol) but its always in a mess as all the shoes just get thrown in...this would definitely solve that problem:)

  2. Definitely a great idea. I am in the process at the moment of trying to work out what to do with the space under out internal stairs. I think our shoes need to live there... ;-)



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