15 October, 2010

Trends for Tomorrow Part II...

So now for Part II from the ISCD Trend Evening 'Tomorrowland', and this part looks to the fabulous 100% Design London 2010& London Design week [exhibits]. I have create more of a bulleted list for you with all the links included so that you can indeed go on your ON trend & design hunt through these talented designers & artists. These trends are not the ones that I believe that it is so important the the interpretation of these trends is yours - and it really does come down to how you put your own spin on these trends and how you can incorporate them into your design work whether is be at home or with a client.
Here are some Key Areas that were identified at 100% Design London 2010/ London Design Festival.
  • Achromatic colour palettes - using lots of Greys & Blacks - shading & tinting
  • The juxtaposition of Old & New items, materials and surfaces
  • A wide use of Timber in Natural and Neutral stains or left unfinished
  • Unfinished treatments of timber & surface tops - being exposed to use and elements - thus creating scratches and marks - memory mark making.
  • The idea Raw and keeping colours and surfaces in a raw state - introducing hues of Orange & Terracottas as an accent to the Achromatic colour palettes - using real Earth colours to complement the unfinished treatments.
Achromatic colour palettes

Achromatic colour palettes with accent of orange

Ikea's answer to Achromatic colour palettes

  • Botanic Nature Trends
  • Bold use of colours especially with Greens/ Purples combination
  • Vibrant, High Value Hues
  • Grahame & Brown Wallpaper
  • Pieces by Erica Wakely
  • Reuse is the new trend in the sustainability race
  • Orchard Studios - flat pack chair rubber band chairs
  • Design with a low carbon foot print
  • Rubber bands & using recycled materials in design

Orchard Studios - flat pack chair rubber band chairs
  • Straight edge furniture
  • Dare Studio
  • Check out works by Edward Robinson
  • Handmade [made by hand - not mass assembled] products
Edward Robinson - Bramcote

Edward Robinson - Bramcote

Edward Robinson - Harbour Chair

Edward Robinson - Harbour Chair

Edward Robinson - Harbour Chair designs

  • Lighting - handmade designs/ bespoke
  • A movement back to the hand crafted
  • Check out pieces by Esther Patterson - Curiousa & Curiousa- Intertwining designs and motifs inspired by childhood memories with a love of form and function, Curiousa & Curiousa challenge perceptions of comfort and beauty, creating individual, hand-made lighting, furniture and pattern design. Applying traditional techniques for a modern age, Esther Patterson, the company founder, is a maker who is committed to working with UK suppliers and other crafts people, from hand-blown glass and bone china lighting to bespoke upholstery and furniture production.
  • Lace cut-out lighting
  • High chroma colours - brilliant values
  • Emphasis on Affordable & Accessible design
  • Finishes showing were matte & matte white/ polished gold such as colouration from 'one light only' designs.
Owls - by Matt Pugh Design, Bath [UK] based designer Matt Pugh designs and produces contemporary furniture and accessories.With longevity in mind he creates timeless, well made, unique pieces from quality sustainable materials combining simple detailing with rich colours and playful designs.Choosing natural materials as they have a timeless quality and have minimum impact on the environment. Each piece is designed and made to last more than a life time

Owls - by Matt Pugh Design

Owls - by Matt Pugh Design
Lee Broom East London - 'One Light Only'; One of Britain's most exciting young designers, Lee Broom, launches his fourth collection, One Light Only, at the London Design Festival this September. With last year's Heritage Boy collection gathering praise from fellow designers and press alike, Broom's latest collection sees him tackle a wider audience with a more affordable selection of offerings.

Lee Broom East London - 'One Light Only

Esther Patterson from Curiousa & Curiousa - handmade lights

  • Eco push - how long will these products last? rejection of fast consumer goods
  • Christopher Guy - colours in hand carved & upholstered furniture - predicts for Purple, in all spectrums including violet, indigo, iris, lavender and plum continues to be on-trend in 2010/11. The darker regal hues deliver a real wow-factor adding colour and warmth whilst the paler shades such as lavender are softer and more feminine; both palettes create a unique eye-catching style.Christopher Guy’s multitude of original designs are all hand-carved and available in a wide selection of hand finishes, with a myriad of upholstery fabric and colour choice.
Christopher Guy - Hand carved & upholstered 'Button Back Love Seat'
  • Bestill - Botanical cut lighting, paper light shades by Jordy Fu - she describes her Cloud Lamps as taking “a simple and sustainable approach to add magic and intimacy to domestic lighting.” Each delicate paper-cut expresses a different motif – one features angels shrouded in clouds and mist, while others elegantly remember long-faded flowers, or the rooftops of a magic world.True to their flexible medium, each lamp flat-packs to ship, and Jordy includes an energy-efficient soft white light bulb. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from bedside table lamps to floor and pendant lights.
One of the real common threads I deduce from the designs & works that were shown over the London Design festival was - sustainability. We all know about being green and eco-conscious. That is now not enough - in design we need to think about how to re purpose - items into another use, to another client, another room or re-vamp. How we can lower our foot print with the materials we use and the waste we create, further consideration into the paint and treatments we use . And a turn back to craft artist/ designer works - bespoke - made by the hand, not mass assembled products. Although my own personal design mantra is 'fit for purpose' - 'use what you can where you can, then take it from there'.
On an end note I can't believe that it's a year ago I was there at the design festival traipsing around with my sister - time flies! If you get a chance to visit London at the end of Sept & 1st week of October I highly recommend getting yourself to some of the design exhibits - there are so many great exhibits from amazingly creative talented designer and artists that are on the tip of creating the next trends....Now you can further investigate to your design on-trend heart's content!

images via inhabitat, NotCot.org, 100% Design London & London design festival

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