14 October, 2010

Just Because...

I wanted to share this quote I found from Coco Chanel, I'm not usually into quoting bits but this one from a style icon herself really does ring true in all facets of our lives. Often we can get caught up in things in a race to create a perception of ourselves and we can can waylaid with too much 'stuff' - be someone, just be fabulous-wonderful you! x

Coco Chanel c. mid 1920's
A snippet of style history for you stripe-lovers like me out there...
Did you know - Coco Chanel started the trend after a fisherman's striped sweater caught her eye all those years ago. She paired it with men’s trousers and a fashion revolution was born. Originally beginning as a rebellion to the then-current flouncy layers of then Edwardian-inspired dress.  These stripes originated in the French Provence of Brittany, a French province that occupies the peninsula between the English Channel and Bay of Biscay. The 1858 Act of France introduced Breton stripped shirts as the uniform for French navy seamen. It was eventually picked up by other seafarers.

Apparently the stripes helped spot men any who fell overboard. Coco Chanel, was inspired by the Breton stripe after a visit to the French coast. It is also referred to as a marinière which applies to the original garment shape and style of three quarter sleeves and blue and white stripes.The long-sleeved cotton garment usually has a boat neck and, traditionally, the stripes begin around the breastbone.

A little style & stripe history for your Thursday visit at Palatial Living! Enjoy x

Image 1] via vi.sualize.us & 2] via Coudre Mode * Page 377, Chanel and Her World, by Edmonde Charles-Roux (The Vendome Press, copyright 1981 & 2005)

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