17 October, 2010

Sunday Roses...

I managed to get some photos in the glorious Sunday morning light today of the stunning Iceberg Roses that have really been in full bloom mode this week. Where I thought I had about 20 heads, there seems to be so many more again! These roses are the ones I mentioned on Friday's post - they have just gone crazy with this wild weather we have been experiencing in Sydney - the rain, the wind, and then the warm sunny weather we've now got back again! They're such a lovely peaceful pretty greeting at my front verandah. Hope you had a great weekend! S x

1 comment:

  1. Just love these too! My Iceberg Roses must have at least 100 flowers / buds on each standard...and I have 4 standards...they are picture! Glad to see how beautiful other Icebergs are doing in this wild Sydney weather!
    From your #1 Fan



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