22 October, 2010

Up in the Alps...

Although yes I love Switzerland [hello Swiss Palatial Living visitors!],and adore this Swiss Chalet perched up in the mountains of ski resort - Verbier [Switzerland] - built by scratch in the past decade & owned by Belgian collector, designer & aesthete Axel Vervoordt.  It's peering out of the pages of my recently delivered Vogue Living Australia - which I have been 'breathing in' for a week or so now! This post is really for my sister & brother-in-law who really really love all things Swiss! Even though they are based in London - they find any and all excuse to get there...mys sister l studied international law & lived at the University of  Bern for 6months, they have skied there [lucky ducks!] and my brother-in-law proposed there! So it's very close to there hearts as you can imagine.

Well maybe this post it is a little for me too - we all love to ski in our family and as it's warming up here in Sydney [again after the wild weather we've had] somehow when it's the season you're in - sometime you tend to think about the opposite season - a bit of 'grass greener' or 'snow whiter'!
Do you have a favourite season, why? Drop me a line I'd love to hear from you x

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