26 October, 2010

Palatial Garden Rooftop Spaces...

  Pop-Up Bar - The Doghouse, Rooftop, The Village,
 287A Liverpool St, Darlinghurst from Lee Tran Lam's
delicious blog
'The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry'
With the gorgeous warmth of summer winking around the corner, here in Sydney, there are fresh lime green leaves bursting our, grass is growing inches over night again, and buds are open and singing to the blue sky! So being amongst all things garden also got me to being all things outside, entertaining outside, going to restaurants, pubs & bars with outdoors spaces - hence the roof top garden....it's certainly a space that allows urban city dwellers a taste of nature up above the bustle of it all -a little closer to the sky and maybe a little zen once your favourite dish or drink has arrived!

I was also blog snooping and had a lovely long read of the fabulous Lee Tran Lam's blog/ web 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry'. Not only is it a deliciously fabulous go-to review guide of restaurants,  bars, pubs, cafes that she has visited & eaten at - it's also a superb visual diary of all that is on offer at these venues.... Lee Tran is also the talented Deputy Chief Sub-Editor at one of Australia's more forefront home & design magazines 'Inside Out'.
Here's a few more roof top gardens that also inspired me.... Enjoy x
image 2 & 3 - Chris and Lisa Goode’s Nolita penthouse is
 featured in New York Magazine via Apartment Therapy

This Garden belongs to Matt Blesso, a real estate developer, 
this garden is loacted on a rooftop apartment in
lower Manhattan. Matt called on duo  Joel Sanders, the architect,
and Diana Balmori, the landscape architect, who teach a course
together called Interface, all about uniting architecture
and landscape design - here they produced this
 amazing rooftop garden.
image via Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

The Roof Garden at Kensington High Street, London



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