12 October, 2010

ISCD Visiting Victoria!

How exciting - for all of you wonderful southern state neighbours in Victoria [Australia] who love colour, style & design then I have a treat for you! ISCD otherwise known as The International School of Colour & Design are coming to you! Yes - You! ISCD is travelling to Melbourne & Geelong to discuss with you on how you can make your colour & design dreams come true... Join the fabulous Prue Royle - Founding Director of ISCD to work out how ISCD can get you there!
Prue will be in Geelong on Wednesday 13 October from 10am - that's tomorrow so get your skates on!And also on Friday 16 October in Melbourne from 10am.
But make sure you book an appointment with Prue!

ISCD Founding Director - Prue Royle
Check HERE for more details and to make an appointment that could change your life into a colourful & creative one!

images via ISCD

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  1. What an interesting expansion program for iscd.
    From your #1 Fan



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