13 October, 2010

First of the Key Trends...From the design magnetic centre MAISON&OBJET.

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Hope the start to your week was a colourful one!... So last week I promised to devulge a few of the'trends' that were presented and discussed over the Thursday evening last week when I attended the ISCD 'Tomorrowland' trends evening... So I have worked out that I will need to post a blog a day for the remainder of this week so to get you across it all and so you have time to google them all up!

First Up a snapshot of what is Maison & Objet's Trends -
MAISON&OBJET has examined its sector and analyzed the major home trends for autumn 2010. In an era of overexposure, a violent and ancestral desire is being expressed for a return to appreciable privacy. Three key themes are being focused on this session by members of the MAISON&OBJET Observatory: Please Disturb, Microcosms and Archaic Shelters.
Here are a Few Key Topics, within a conceptual sense to get you thinking...
 Please Disturb. Vincent Grégoire
1. Please Disturb - Intimate & Intimacy - What remains intimate in a technological age?  There is no longer privacy. Do we want to me disturbed? Check out the work of  Vincent Grégoire, who is a trend hunter, director of the "art of living" department of the NellyRodi consultancy and forecasting firm and a member of the MAISON&OBJET Observatory.'It is impossible nowadays to completely close your door. In modern life, there is always an eye peeking through the keyhole. Our interiors are no longer enclosed and impregnable cocoons, they are laid bare and stripped of their sanctity....... The home has become a cry, a savage wrench in the face of an aggressive reality which nobody now wants to conceal. Privacy no longer exists, it needs to be saved through destruction.'

Microcosmes - François Bernard
2. Microcosms - Public vs. Private - what do we really see into someones life with reality everything - from tweeting to blogging, to reality tv, to facebook...turning to our homes - the home now becomes our sanctuary. Explores the privacy & it's need,  and the reaction to overexposure. Inner silence. Cocoon retreat. Microcosms, the search for calm. An artisan who explores this is François Bernard - whose [above] images are evident of this reaction & response to Microcosmes. François Bernard is director of the Croisements trends agency, a member of the MAISON&OBJET Observatory.

'Another effect of this aggressive reality and the loss of privacy is a turning in on ourselves and our eternal silence. If our homes are no longer impregnable, a world must be created within a world, an oasis of calm in the middle of the cry..... The modern home becomes invisible in order to calm us. The feeling of security must be discreet, hidden, both shameful and necessary..... No more of the mundane – objects must provide inner peace.'

Check out the works of Siwen Huang, whose pieces relate to this area of calm, shade & light, here's a snippet of her interview from "LIGHT MONTAGE " ( 2009-2010)
What did you discover/produce?
Light is an indispensable element of our daily lives. “Light is around us day and night, changing our perception of the thing or bodies on which it impacts, and the space that contains them.”
What is your vision of textile futures?
Magical colour created through structural surfaces…..intangible yet visible.
What inspires you?
The kaleidoscope
Key words - Illusory Environments, Light, Shade, Shape, Colours.

'Soft Partition I' Textile Art - Siwen Huang

'Soft Partition II' Textile Art - Siwen Huang

'Soft Partition III' Textile Art - Siwen Huang

'Soft Reflection' lighting piece
 Siwen Huang
Archaic Shelters - Elizabeth Leriche
3. Archaic Shelters - Fragile to Raw. Feather to Stone. Neo Primitive Retreats. New Pre-History. Re-Establishing our Roots. Back to Basics. Elizabeth Leriche looks into this 'fragility of human rawness' and our need to reconnect with our human origins [through design]. Elizabeth Leriche, is director of the Elizabeth Leriche trends agency, a member of the MAISON&OBJET Observatory
'So, clearly the main trends for this autumn can be seen as a reaction to a world which is out of favour and often thought to be over-aggressive. Faced with this real or virtual danger, our ancestral reflexes re-emerge....Out of a need to reconnect with origins we have ignored for too long, the neo-primitive is emerging and establishing itself as the major trend of this new decade.'

These are definitely areas that have started me thinking about how colour, style, furniture & decor pieces can used to help create these sensory interior environments.
Challenge| See how you can incorporate these concepts & trends into your client's work. Enjoy. S x

sub text & images via Tunmblr, Maison & Objet and Cosmoworlds

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