10 September, 2010

Happy Friday! Fruit for Friday x

Here's to your 'healthy' Friday... Fruit for Friday! On our holiday, visiting the Salamanca Markets there's an abundance of fresh produce from the growers market area. Here are some photos I took of these Tasmanian varieties of apples, hence the namesake  'The Apple Isle', the grower of the market stall told me that come October [Spring] they can have up to and sometime over 30 vvarieties of apples, from super crisp & hard to soft & juicy, for eating alone or purely cooking, and cider - so many! 
Welcome to my newest Palatial Living Follower Fans [I am honoured you have made this your blog to follow & joined me here] & Thank You for stopping by Palatial Living this week. Hope you have a great weekend, Take Care & Enjoy! S x

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  1. I would have never realised that there were so many varieties of apples grown in such a small beautiful place as Tasmania!
    From your #1 Fan



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