14 September, 2010

Light & Bright...

Lately I have been looking for desks for a client request - her two girls, one in high school and the other about to enter high school, need a new study desk solution. I have conducted a pretty thorough search an found many individual desks and a couple of long/share type desks...hence the inspiration for this image.  Design problem - they are moving so it can't be a built in cabinetry number [maybe in the next house they have].
All the same this look would be easy to carry out - a bench top to measure/ fit and a favourite chest of drawers centred to share - such as here, either end can be propped by support legs to fit the height of the drawers. Voila!
I love the lightness & brightnees, and the accented touch of cherry red amongst it all... notice the painted floors, the stainless steel dual lamp and function of the space - these elements ensure to keep it contemporary not dull. S x

Image via myhomeideas.com 


  1. Great idea and so attractive at the same time!

    Your #1Fan

  2. Hi, I'm a new visitor. I really like your blog so I will be popping in again. I absolutely adore the white desk, with the red details in the room, looks great.



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