08 September, 2010


Doesn't it just scream Spring - with Jacaranda's out in full bloom in Sydney, a vintage lilac car complete with NSW number plates, and not to mention my new passion for purple!
I found this fabulous image from gorgeous blog 'Space for Inspiration' by Charlotta Ward, [ in turn from by Corrie Bond found via Santa Barbara Chic] .

1 comment:

  1. :) Thank you for the mention! x

    Glad you enjoy my little blog and that this picture tickled your fancy. Yes, it is so 'Sydney in Springtime' for me as well.. Love the bursts of colour all around town at the moment. Can't believe I am leaving all this gorgeousness to go to Sweden.. but I know I will love the Autumn up North just as much.

    Thanks again for your comment on my blog. I am your newest follower and will add you to my blog roll.

    xx Charlotta



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