11 February, 2011

Happy Friday!

 Happy Friday to You! Next week I'm super excited to be going to a breakfast morning hosted by DIA [my professional industry association] held at the Art Gallery NSW 'All About Design & Colour' where speakers Greg Natale, Interior Designer & George Freedman of PTW Architects, will be sharing their creative & professional insights. 
I cannot believe this [working] week is nearly to an end... I have been on the ISCD campus on a couple of weeknights helping out with the Certificate IV Design class and the Diploma of Surface Design - as a get a few prac teaching classes in, and writing lesson plans for a whole new group of students. It's all very exciting! In the mean time I am also gearing up for work and more work.... and am proud to say I have finally finished a few long awaited assigments too! So I feel like I have really accomplished a lot this week.... now I just have to tend to tidying & cleaning my house! It's a bit of a wreck at the moment - Ahhhhh!
The weekend starts tonight with a few games of tennis with my husband's family whikst we continue to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday [from Wednesday]....then a lovely mix of acticivies - Isabelle's swimming classes, and having my cousin & her partner over for a summer lunch, then more eating with brunch with friends on Sunday... I love this kind of weekend!

Thank you for joining me this week at Palatial Living... Can't wait to See you next week!
Don't forget Monday is Valentine's Day - it doesn't mean you have to buy something why not make someone a special sandwich, or prepare a lovely dinner, or get cracking on your own card!
Have a Palatially great weekend - Enjoy,

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