02 February, 2011

Design by Correspondence...iDE*

Have you ever wanted to learn more about colour and design, but didn't want the hassle's of classes, or couldn't make it to classes because of your hectic work/ family schedule, or simply lived too far from a reputable design school?
Well do I have the answer for you...
Have you looked into The International School of Colour & Design [ISCD], at North Sydney? ISCD are a private design college with nationally recognised courses, and are one of the top colour, design & interior schools in Australia. They offer several fabulous courses that will help you get your 'feet wet' into the wonderful world of colour - taking you through extensive practical & theoretical assignments that you can  fit into your schedule. Be it a change in direction, a career change, formalising experience or qualifications or something creative you want to do... then this is it for you! 

ISCD's distance program is called 'iDE' International Distance Education. I am fortunate enough to be one of the ISCD iDE Certificate IV Design -Educators - so I know first hand how it all works and what you can gain from it. Having studied other courses via correspondence I can appreciate the lengths &efforts that ISCD put into their iDE program, and know that I would only ever associate myself with the best of the best. We have students from all walks of life, and who are located through out Australia and parts of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia!
So why not make a New Year learning goal and enrol into an iDE course at ISCD today! Click HERE for info on iDE program details, and Cick HERE for ISCD Courses.
Maybe I will receiving your next assignment!
Think about it - Enjoy,

images via ISCD

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  1. Looks like fun. I would love to study with the International School of Colour and Design! I am a home decorator and it's on my wish list!



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